Out of the Frying Pan…

As rumoured across several websites over the last couple of days, actor, writer and wit Stephen Fry has pulled out of his Doctor Who episode-writing gig…

The Mirror reports (probably taken from a website – namely Outpost Gallifrey or Douglas Adams Continuum) that:

Fry, 50, said: “Unfortunately, I’ve had to pull out of the Dr Who gig. Lack of time. I couldn’t find three minutes to string together. Barely enough time to go to the lavatory these days, let alone take on new projects.”

It was believed Fry’s episode would have seen the Doctor take on a villain in the era of King Arthur.

There is however as yet no confirmation of this from the BBC.

Have you been to Kopic’s Doctor Who News Service? You may have seen the link in the bottom-right corner of these pages – it’s basically a very clever site that collects RSS news feeds from online newspapers, SFX magazine and the various Doctor Who websites and displays them in list form. Recently the site has had a bit of a makeover, so if you get the chance, do check it out.

Now Playing Magazine‘s Arnold T Blumberg reviews the latest DWM special – the Ninth Doctor Collected Comics. While there are only five stories – that’s how long he lasted, roughly! – Blumberg gives them each a positive write-up, even though he clearly believes that the Ninth Doctor’s comic strip era was overshadowed by his predecessor and no doubt his successors’. There’s plenty to read in this review, however, including the fact that

Doctor Who… made his first comic strip appearance in the anthology TV Comic in 1964 – “The Klepton Parasites” if you want to know – and a Doctor Who-related comic of some sort has been in continuous publication ever since.

Oh and speaking of Doctor Who Magazine comics, look out for a Krillitane in the current installment, part two of “FAQ”… page 41.

And still on the magazine front, some of you might have come across Doctor Who: Battles in Time, a new card-collecting magazine. While its currently on issue 4, take heed – it’s release has only been regional, as is commonplace for part-work publications, according to the current Doctor Who Magazine. A full UK and Ireland release is due later this year.

Finally, you may know that impersonator Jon Culshaw does a superb Tom Baker. Big Finish’s decision not to use voice artists to stand in for other Doctors has been put temporarily on hold – or at least the rules bent – with the release of Fifth Doctor adventure Kingmaker, which features a Fourth Doctor cameo in the shape of Culshaw himself. Kingmaker is available from Big Finish for £14.99


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