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You can’t move on the Web at the moment for opinions about Doctor Who. Everyone has an opinion, you know…

Following some key DVD releases, the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site has followed up City of Death and Genesis of the Daleks with the Season Seven Jon Pertwee classic Inferno.

If you haven’t though about buying it yet, I strongly urge you to reconsider – read below for some information on the disk’s features…

As usual, the team behind the DVD release has pulled together some superb bonus material. The main documentary, at 35 minutes, is just the right length to cover all the bases while still offer some new facts for even the most die-hard fans. A second documentary on the beginnings of UNIT allows the cast and crew to embellish upon their favourite anecdotes.

An audio commentary is available for the episodes themselves, with script editor Terrance Dicks, producer/director Barry Letts and Nicholas Courtney (The Brigadier) joined by John Levene (Sgt Benton). Other features include a short visual effects showreel, a photo gallery, and PDFs of the 1971 Doctor Who annual and clippings from the Radio Times

Via the link above you can experience a preview of the one of the disk’s features, a documentary entitled “Can You Hear The Earth Scream?” – should you however have absolutely no idea about Inferno, either buy it from for just £11.99 delivered or visit the BBC’s Official Doctor Who Episode Guide.

And of course you must know about Genesis of the Daleks being released on DVD! NO?!? Well, no fear, there’s a review of this frankly classic serial at Australian OrganThe Age, as well as the ones we must have told you about already. Genesis of the Daleks is also available from at the more than bonkers price of £13.99 delivered. Two disks of Tom Baker, Sarah Jane Smith, Davros and Daleks – Who Heaven…

TV episode-wise there is a review of The Idiot’s Lantern on TV Squad, and while reviewer Martin Conaghan seems to have missed some key plot points – not hard when so much is crammed into 45 minutes – he’s pretty much on the money:

The recent revival of the series under the guiding influence of Russell T. Davies has been largely down to the complex character development and the introduction of more engaging plotlines, but there seems to be an overwhelming desire on the part of the production team to repeatedly inject the show with happy-clappy endings, perhaps in order to give David Tennant’s wide-eyed grin a regular airing.

Either way, it gets a bit tiring to watch the Doctor rescue the planet every week, and it would be nice to see a bit more edge to the show,

Meanwhile the same tome reviews Bad Wolf – yes, the series has advanced that much on the US Sci Fi Channel! Richard Keller reviews the episode well, and seems to have enjoyed it, even the game shows in the mix.

Finally Now Playing Mag has Arnold T Blumberg’s review of The Age of Steel, the far superior second part of the Cybermen return story. We’ll finish with his observation about special FX:

And did we really have to see the same shots of the Nestene lair exploding from the end of the series’ very first episode, “Rose,” standing in for the destruction of Lumic’s Battersea base.


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