Sci Fi Run Ends

Doctor Who 2005-style has finally come to a close in the USA, with The Parting of the Ways airing last Friday evening.

Although by no means as popular in the USA as here at home or other English-speaking nations, the Sci Fi Channel has released information to suggest that they are happy with the show. The Futon Critic says:

NEW YORK June 13, 2006 SCI FI is benefiting from a dose of double-digit ratings growth this quarter on Fridays from 9pm to 10pm versus the time period last year, as the re-imagined version of ‘Doctor Who’ wrapped its premiere season on the Channel Friday night, June 9th.

Any network that acquires a show which drastically increases ratings for the timeslot is going to be happy… also carries this news.

As for the episode itself – TVSquad considered the Ninth Doctor’s final outing “An excellent, excellent episode!”. Reviewer Richard Keller laments the loss of Eccleston’s interpretation, declaring:

I’m sure that he will be ranked right up there with the legendary Tom Baker as one of the best actors to portray Doctor Who. He was funny, charming, and dramatic and he played The Doctor in a whole different way.

Underground Online rounds up the show as well as the final episode of what we know as Series 1 (but want to call Season 27), and the review is rightly so highly favourable. After all any review that starts off…

The Doctor is an extra-terrestrial Time Lord that can hop to any point of space at any point in time he chooses with the help of his TARDIS time machine. Take that, Starfleet warp engines!

…can’t be bad.

Now Playing Magazine‘s review of The Parting of the Ways declares it:

is powerful, beautiful work. Special kudos to composer Murray Gold, who pulls out all the stops with an apocalyptic choral theme to accompany the Dalek invasion as well as returning to ethereal motifs first introduced in “Rose” as excellent punctuation for the touching finale.

SO, that’s it – the Ninth Doctor finally condemned to DVDs and repeat viewings. But at least we get to use one of our Christopher Eccleston images for this news item!


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