Tracey-Ann This Morning…

“You’ve heard of me then?” Tracey-Ann Oberman – Yvonne Hartman in this weeks episode Army of Ghosts – appeared on ITV’s flagship daytime show This Morning today.

Amongst a selection of clips, Tracey-Ann declared herself a “Whovian” and as a child was “obsessed with it”. Two days after her departure from “EastEnders” was announced (where she played Chrissie Watts), Oberman received the scripts for the last two episodes:

“It was like a dream come true. I could not believe my luck!

Torchwood collects alien artifacts for the British Empire and they’ve been waiting 150 years for this mysterious Doctor to return… and he is her prize alien in her collection

[The story] ties up all of the loose threads that have been hinted at throughout the series and it’s very epic and it’s very filmic and it’s very menacing.

I walked on set and there was the TARDIS – and I nearly wet myself…!”

Tracey-Ann wasn’t able to say too much, short of revealing a couple of Cybermen appear (duh!).

In other news… Publishing News reports that the merger between Ebury and BBC Books is likely to cause redundancies, although this isn’t expected to cause any problems with the BBC Books output… The BBC’s Official Doctor Who site has allowed the Year 7 Reading Club at Tanfield School of Stanley, County Durham – not too far from Kasterborous Towers – to get their hands on Stephen Cole’s Tenth Doctor adventure The Feast of the Drowned; they gave it 10 out of 10… also from the Official site, some character is posing as David Tennant in Internet chatrooms:

David has not made any of these postings because he does not enter into correspondence about the programme or anything else on the internet.

The BBC would strongly advise all Doctor Who fans to ignore any such postings and not be fooled by impersonators – it will never be David Tennant who has made the posting.

It’s difficult to know exactly who you are dealing with on the Internet, and anyone acting in such a way should be considered a concern; do chat safely, whatever your age.

Elsewhere… SFX Magazine are promoting the chance to meet the writers of Doctor Who episodes Father’s Day and The Girl in the Fireplace – that’s Paul Cornell and Steven Moffat. It’s in aid of Mark Millar’s money-raising quest for the fight against Crohn’s Disease, and a such – “it’s not going to come cheap, but it is for charity so if you fancy your chances then check out the live auction on eBay. The highest bidder will not only get to meet the writers and be treated to a slap-up meal and drinks, but will also get their hands on a signed episode 8 “Fathers’ Day” script” (currently at $696!)… Lynda Bellingham (Trial of the Time Lord/Season 23 and known to generations of Brits as the mother of the Bisto gravy family in the era-defining advertising campaign) is appearing in Tanika Gupta’s “Sugar Mummies” at the Royal Court, which from 10 August, reports London Theatre Guide, a play about a middle aged mother who wants to “have fun”… and to conclude, Billie Piper has revealed in her Radio Times interview that she used drugs to ease her misery at being “exploited by record company executives”.

She says, “I had a very dark moment when I was 16 when I didn’t want to be here any more, but I did nothing about it, thank God.

“Managers and others work you to death and you become exhausted and bitter. I was young, green and taken advantage of. There was a massive financial rip-off, although I was working twice as hard as I am now, I was left with hardly any money.

I can’t follow that…. so I won’t.


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