Am I Bovvered?

It’s the middle of summer, so what better time than to record the forthcoming Christmas adventure of Doctor Who…

With mobile phone photos snapped by fans in Cardiff, the BBC News pages have issued a few shots along with a vague report on the filming. The current high temperatures sweeping the UK were definitely causing problems for the actors:

When fans asked David Tennant, who plays the Doctor, how he was coping he shouted back: “It’s blinking boiling.”

Scenes for the special, entitled The Runaway Bride, were shot in Cardiff city centre, which will be transformed into a shopping street in London’s West End for the show.

An onlooker said: “It’s surreal seeing all the Christmas decorations – but it’s quite nice to look at them on a hot day like this.

“It feels like the Timelord has put us in the Tardis and whisked it off for Christmas.”

And it wouldn’t be the same without a potential spoiler so early in the proceedings – right-click and drag to highlight:

A Doctor Who insider revealed that audiences will see her morph into a giant bride before exploding across the screen.


Elsewhere, tells us of Gavin James, a South Wales youngster who has built a robot to compete in the “Micromouse” competition at the University of Wales in Newport. Notably his ambition is to build a Dalek:

‘I love making robots and I’m a big fan of Dr Who,’ said 16-year-old Gavin, from Llantarnam.

‘At home, I’m building a Dalek with my Dad’s help and it would be great to get a job in television, designing robots.’

On a more profound note, The Independent has answered the question “Why British TV will never make a blockbuster like ‘Lost'”. Or claim to have. The fact is everyone in the tv industry can get carried away by hype and mega-publicity like they can in any business. American TV doesn’t make anything that is better than British television. Some shows may look better, run longer or have prettier stars, but at the end of the day US TV is still churning out slow-burning/long-running/hurry-up-please dramas of the type we saw with Twin Peaks twenty years ago. Throwing character development that is at one moment profound and 30 minutes later forgotten about isn’t progressive television, it’s sloppy and makes a mockery of what it is trying to be.

Writer and comedian AL Kennedy is appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, reports the Scotsman. Not only that but her routine dances with mentions of Doctor Who, and she’s also a fan…

Doctor Who might seem an easy, obvious source of material, but few comics at the Fringe this year who go down the Tardis route are as big an aficionado as Kennedy or, like her, are seriously intending to submit a script to the BBC for the next series.

She’s hugely impressed by David Tennant’s take on the Time Lord. “I look at him and I think: ‘You’ve got yards of that, haven’t you? You could be terrifying children for ever!’ It’s those eyes of his. Also the fact he has no chin. How does he eat without a bottom jaw? Bless him. He’s very tall, so that would be a problem because I’m 5ft 5in and because of the slipped disc, I can’t put my head back for any length of time. I’d have to be content with a quick peck. If he fancied a snog I’d have to say: ‘I’m terribly sorry, but we’re going to have to lie down for that.’

David Tennant is Scottish, you know…


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