Army of Ghosts and New Logo

There’s more press and TV coverage of Army of Ghosts to report on, but first I fancy something a little oriental…

Fancy a new desktop wallpaper? It’s not from the hand of reclusive Tracey-Ann Oberman and Argentina fan Anthony Dry – but straight from the BBC, who have announced the sale of Doctor Who to Japan! A quick visit to the Official Doctor Who site will reveal a new logo – Manga Who! Seriously, however, Kasterborous really hopes the series takes off over there. The Japanese have a penchant for obsessiveness that puts Doctor Who fans to shame, and we look forward to seeing a new breed of Doctor Who websites from the Far East…

No one has seen Anthony Dry since Tracey-Ann Oberman’s appearances on TV yesterday, no doubt the Kasterborous designer is creating some amazing work of art in her honour…

To keep him satiated further, those generous SFX chaps have interviewed the erstwhile Chrissie Watts actress about her upcoming part in Doctor Who’s final story this season, beginning Saturday evening with Army of Ghosts – and she is also asked about a show called Torchwood:

As Yvonne Hartman, Torchwood’s head, Oberman’s playing an important long-term role in Doctor Who’s history. “The idea about Torchwood is that it’s meant to protect the British Empire against the aliens,” she says. “By the time Yvonne is running it Torchwood has collected alien artefacts from around the globe and is using them and experimenting with them for the good of Britain. And everybody who’s ever been involved in Torchwood has waited for the return of the Doctor.”

“It’s a very epic two-parter, they are brilliant scripts,” she goes on. “They tie everything together and they’re just so epic.” And does this mean she’ll be turning up in the Torchwood series? “Not that I know of yet. But it would nice to.”

And still on Army of Ghosts, Newsrounds’ Lizo has once more seen the episode before everyone else. Look out for the following:

There are quite a few deaths before the final credits roll, as well as a beautifully played scene where Rose and Jackie talk about the future. And that’s what at this heart of this episode. Will Rose choose to stay with the Doctor forever, and should she? And will that choice be taken away from her?

Of course, there’s a huge amount of action too as things ramp up for the end of the second series. But be prepared for a quite a few shocks as well!

Finally, the BBC has released details of the upcoming Doctor Who Annual 2007:

The cover for The Official Doctor Who Annual 2007 has just been unveiled by BBC Children’s Books. It continues a tradition that started way back in 1965 with the publication of the very first Doctor Who Annual.

The book will feature a range of character profiles, two brand new comic strips, facts about the Doctor’s alien adversaries, quizzes and lots of fun things to do.

We have seen better covers…


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