Army of Ghosts Reaction

Army of Ghosts went down a storm – a dimension-breaking storm if you like – and the return of both the Cybermen and the Daleks will go down as one of the highlights of the series history!

DWAS report that the overnights for Army of Ghosts were 7.66 million viewers – around 42% of the viewing public – which is extremely good news and totally blows any fears of an audience dip out of the water:

The episode had the benefit of a significant amount of pre-broadcast trails, and of following directly on from the World Cup. Nonetheless this is still a figure that the show can be very pleased with – if people didn’t like what they had seen in previous weeks they would not have been watching last night! This overnight figure represents an increase of just over 1 million on ‘Fear Her’.

I must confess, any sadness I had at England’s penalty shoot-out capitulation was completely over-turned as I witnessed the legions of Cybermen and the return of the Daleks…

Opinion on the episode has been mighty favourable across the board too, with everyone I’ve spoken to – fan and non-fan – very excited about next weeks series finale…

The “TV Today” section of the online version of the actors paper The Stage was more than happy with Army of Ghosts, paying tribute to both the show and Doctor Who site Outpost Gallifrey’s weekly analysis of the weekly audience figures – and it seems the writer of the column is a major fan:

After next week, it’s gone again until Christmas, so we’ll (probably) be a Who free zone for the duration. But I just wanted to share that the prospect of next week’s roister-doistering between two iconic television villains of enduring stature has got the four-year-old me jumping up and down in glee. I’m even considering phoning home and asking my mum to send down a plate of fish fingers and chips to complete the feeling. I’ve been waiting for that outrageous cliffhanger for 30 years, and it makes me love this big, silly, beautiful, scary, funny, ambitious series all the more.

Look out for a week full of build up, trailers, fun, expectation, drama, tension, and remember:

People out there know. They know what is going to happen in Doomsday.

These are bad people, and must not be listened to. Spoilers will harm your enjoyment of Doctor Who, and come with a Galactic Health Warning…

Don’t have nightmares…


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