Attack of the Bible-men

Here’s an investment opportunity… and no, this isn’t one of those spam emails! The UMD format – Universal Media Disc – that enables PSP users to watch movies on the go has been dropped by a number of major distributors and chain stores on both sides of the Atlantic.

Of course Doctor Who is available on UMD (slightly dearer than a DVD) but the main point here is that UMDs are still massive in Japan, and with the upcoming release of the show over there… you can find out more about the UMD format here at News0r

A South-coast vicar is using the theme of time-travel to enhance teachings of the life of Jesus Christ, reports Portsmouth Today.

To help inspire the youngsters at the holiday club run by St James’s Church in Emsworth, the Rev Tom Kennar will dress up as the Doctor.

Taking his cue from the Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant, incarnations of the famous Gallifreyan, the curate will spend the week-long event travelling in time to meet Biblical characters, including Moses, David, Jonah and John the Baptist.

He said: ‘Any child who watches Doctor Who will be familiar with the idea of time travel, so they’ll understand going back in time to meet biblical characters. I can’t promise there’ll be any Daleks or Cybermen but we will be meeting some of God’s heroes of the Bible, and some genuine villains.

‘I watched Doctor Who myself in the Tom Baker era and I watch it now with my daughter so it’s great to be able to play the part myself.’

Not only that, but the kids at the holiday club will also get to watch Doctor Who every morning. Now where are those plimsolls?

Herald Today gives a brief admiring mention to the 2005 series of Doctor Who as well as notifying its readers of the arrival of the DVD box set – but I love this bit:

So the news that an improved “Who” swiftly became the most popular show on English television when it returned to the air last year didn’t impress me. This, after all, is a country so traditional it has kept the cheery nighttime soap opera “Coronation Street” on the air for 46 years.

Sometimes, watching the “cheery soap” feels as though it takes 46 years…


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