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The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit actor Will Thorp was interviewed recently by a local newspaper in Woking.

Interviewed while appearing in “Strangers on a Train” (alongside Sixth Doctor Colin Baker),, and it seems that the actor enjoyed his part – hardly surprising really!

In the two-part story he played an archaeologist called Toby who became possessed by the devil – a bit of a change then from administering first aid?

“The whole thing was fantastic – a dream come true,” says Will. “I was a massive fan of the show when I was growing up, so I could hardly believe my luck when I got the part.”

A devoted follower of the series, Will says he’s been totally hooked on the whole ‘will they, won’t they?’ thing between The Doctor (David Tennant) and his assistant Rose (Billie Piper).

“I think what they’ve done with Doctor Who has been absolutely great,” says Will.

“David Tennant is absolutely fantastic – probably the best Doctor they’ve ever had – and Billy Piper is such a talented young actress and a really lovely girl.”

Elsewhere Series Producer Phil Collinson is heavily featured in an article about Series 2 for Australian publication Courier Mail. The article mainly concerns School Reunion:

“It’s one of those shows that can appeal to everyone,” Collinson says. “School Reunion is a good expression of the duality of the show. The kids watch it as a simple drama, then there are whole other levels for older viewers who remember Sarah Jane.

“The show as a whole talks about everything that affects people, politics, relationships, the environment . . .”

He also summarises the production teams feelings towards the departure of Billie Piper:

Much has been made of the announcement that Piper has decided to leave… but Collinson sees it as an opportunity.

“Her role in the reintroduction of the Doctor was pivotal,” he says. “Billie’s been a fantastic companion and has reinvented the role as a character in her own right; the companions are no longer just sidekicks.

What’s for certain is that her departure won’t spell the end of the show, nor even dent its popularity. “It’s another way of keeping the show fresh,” Collinson says.

And while we’re on the subject of replacement companions – and there is a discussion raging in the Kasterborous Forum as to what constitutes a companion – the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site has revealed some details (ok one – she’s called “Donna”) about the Christmas adventures of the Doctor. As most web-based Doctor Who will be aware, filming of The Runaway Bride has begun, and Series 3 is due to begin production at the end of July.


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