Doomsday Reaction

The climax of Series 2 has garnered an excellent audience response, with DWAS reporting 7.7 million viewers according to the overnight average, that’s a share of 43%!

The Daily Record meanwhile reports that the figure peaked at 8.3 million.

Much media focus however seems to be on the concluding moments of the episode, which feature a bride – played by comedy actress Cathering Tate – mysteriously appearaing in the TARDIS, much to hers and the Doctor’s astonishment.

According to newspaper The Mirror:

Bosses have now revealed the 38-yearold will cause Time Lord David Tennant some problems as runaway bride Donna in the Christmas special.

Catherine – whose schoolgirl character Lauren is always asking “Am I bovvered?” – said: “I was holding out for summer season at Wigan rep, but this will do.”

Writer Russell T Davies said: “Doctor Who and Catherine Tate is just the most irresistible combination, a genuine treat for Christmas viewing.”

Naturally the BBC, too, reported on the casting following broadcast of Doomsday, with more details on their News Pages, while the CBBC Newsround pages are asking for comments on Series 2 from younger viewers. Generally speaking, the kids are unhappy about Rose’s departure… snap!

A BBC Press Office release expands on Davies’ quote:

“We filmed Catherine’s appearance in tonight’s episode many months ago, and I’m delighted the secret is out at last! But after two years of travelling with Rose, the Tardis is in for a bumpy ride with Donna on board.”

The Observer meanwhile dedicated a few inches to Doomsday – ok two inches – for Rob Sharp to observe:

As the episode closed, the Daleks’ efforts to wreak havoc on the world were cut short as Rose and the Doctor banished them and the Cybermen to ‘a void between two dimensions’. But as a result of their efforts, Rose was separated from the Doctor. Esther Price, a nine-year-old fan from Brighton, said that her family was nearly in tears when the Doctor said goodbye to Rose.

No one likes a snitch, Esther…

Lovely Caitlin Moran of The Times previewed Doctor Who without benefit of a preview tape (which the BBC withheld for obvious reasons!) has, it transpires, not enjoyed Series 2.

This series has, despite the moving efforts of David Tennant and the quite glorious Billie Piper, been a disappointment. Indeed, it’s been the worst kind of disappointment — something that promises to be absolutely mind-blowing, and then fizzles out at the last minute, like a wet firework.

She goes on to talk about Series 2 revelations such as the Doctor referring to having being a father, having once being a lonely child, and characters opining that contact with the Doctor can be dangerous, before making the very valid point that:

Viewers could easily presume that they were being prepared for looking into the dark heart of the lonely Time Lord. Viewers could very easily presume that their minds were about to be blown away by the depth and emotional viscera of the greatest TV series broadcast at 7pm by the BBC on a Saturday… Instead, the tedious Daleks — who did the series finale last year — are coming to have a run-of-the-mill fist-fight with the whatever Cybermen, in what will be little more than an intergalactic, souped up version of Robot Wars.

She’s got a point, you know…


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