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You can’t move in the High Street and the online stores for Doctor Who merchandise at the moment. Amazon is even recommending things to me that I’ve already bought and put away for myself at Christmas!

Incidentally, look out for Brian Terranova’s look at Doctor Who merchandise in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, let’s take a look at the Cyberman voice change helmet, reviewed by


Stick the Cyberman Voice Changer Helmet on your head and amaze your friends with the voice changing sound and strange light effects. There’s essentially three modes for use – the Phrase button throws out “classic” Cyber-lines (like “you will be deleted”), the Stun button lets loose the crackle of the deadly electrical stun grip, while the most fun will undoubtedly be the Voice button – where your own phrases are converted into that of the Cybermen, with accompanying flashing blue mouth.

The mask certainly appears to be good quality, and will no doubt be a popular fancy dress choice, although whether or not it has the same impact as the Darth Vader mask remains to be seen…

You can still buy the talking Doctor Who pens, incidentally, reviewed this time on Their reviewer Shaun Conaway:

The pens could easily inspire a round of Abbott and Costello-like “Who’s on First?” banter:

Annoying co-worker: “Whose pen is that?” (Read: Who’s pen, is that?)

You: “Yes it is.”

This is of course the only time that Abbott and Costello were actually funny to anyone outside of the USA, so it might actually work…

There’s also a TARDIS Playset available from Character Options, which certainly looks fun and is scaled to fit the smaller Doctor and Rose characters.

Eclipse Magazine have revealed that there is a Series 1 DVD Boxset! Oh, but you knew that, didn’t you? Everybody knew that… but tat least they manage a nice summary of the Ninth Doctor:

Russell T Davies (writer/producer) certainly understands… and picked a winner in casting Christopher Eccleston as the ninth Doctor. Eccleston brings a sparky but manic and darkly depressive quality to the role, reminiscent of William Hartnell’s original Doctor, as he struggles to come to terms with the loss of his people in the Time Wars, while continuing his adventures in time and space.

Finally Swindon Advertiser has news of a book by Chris Steven’s charting Billie Piper’s life so far. This is one of three books, another is by Sean Tome (appropriate name for a writer…) and a ghost-written autobiography. Apparently Stevens used the classily-names Swindon Advertiser in his research…


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