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A momentous occasion – the first contemporary Doctor Who DVD boxset to be released in the USA!

Lots of sources have reviewed it, such as Now Playing Magazine‘s Tony Whitt who throws two A- grades at it, but whose real focus is his appreciation of Christopher Eccleston..

Many reasons could be put forth why the new series succeeds on a scale the classic series never quite managed. One of these is that Christopher Eccleston is arguably the best actor to play the role to date. His Ninth Doctor is both completely different from all the others (working class Northern accent, using words like “hell” and “damn,” actual clothing instead of a costume, a decided romantic interest in his companion) and totally in keeping with all of them (that grinning joie de vivre, defending life at all costs, a restless need to travel). But the destruction of his homeworld in a war with the Daleks — a war that left him the sole survivor — gives this Doctor a dramatic pathos none of the previous Doctors has ever had, and Eccleston acts the hell out of it.

And Whitt is spot-on. It’s probably one reason why we feel that Series 2 hasn’t lived up to Series 1. That’s not a smite of Tennant’s obvious talent, but a question about what level of attention went into the planning of Series 2 compared with Series 1… but I digress; US Fans can purchase the Doctor Who: The Complete First Series DVD boxset from

Series 2 Volume 4 Two Classic Series releases are due in the North American market too, reports The Hand of Fear (with a commentary track from Tom baker and Elisabeth Sladen!) and The Mark of the Rani (with a Colin Baker commentary and DVD-ROM material) are both due for a November 7th release, and can also be picked up on

But of course the biggest news is the UK release of the fourth “vanilla” DVD from Series 2. Pencilled in for August 7th, it features the episodes The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit and Love & Monsters. The cover features the Doctor, Rose and an Ood, and is available from for £11.99 Delivered!

Finally, not DVD news but incredibly interesting nontheless. SFX magazine‘s Advertising Manager, Adrian Hill, and ex-Editor, Dave Golder have splashed out on a TARDIS replica! Lucky them, and good to see the print magazine trade is doing so well.

At £963 a shot, these beauties are not cheap. Perhaps we should take K onto the newsstands?


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