Peter Hawkins Dies

One of the best-known voices in Doctor Who as well as children’s favourites “Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men” and “Captain Pugwash”, Peter Hawkins, has died recently at the age of 82.

A man of many voices, Hawkins was also the original voice of Zippy in the ITV children’s series “Rainbow” – a job that later-years Dalek voice Roy Skelton would make his own. A tribute to Hawkins can be found on the website of the Daily Telegraph. His work on Doctor Who covered the original Dalek serial in 1963, through Peter Cushing/Dalek feature “Dr Who and the Daleks” in 1965, and took in the voices of the original Cybermen in The Tenth Planet, The Moonbase as well as the much loved Tomb of the Cybermen, from which the voices of the current Cybermen were modelled – his final credited work on Doctor WHo was again as a Cyberman voice on The Wheel in Space in 1968.

Hawkins voice gave much to the atmosphere of Doctor Who in the 1960s and as such he will be long-remembered. Our sympathies are with his wife and son who survive him. Hawkins’ IMdb entry might bring back some memories.

If you’re going to have a summer fair this year, who better to open it than one of the local residents? Well, the events in certain parts of London where the stars live must get some very impressive names – pupils of Ashmount Primary School, Hornsey Lane, Archway, wacthed as Doctor Who star David Tennant opened their school fair last Saturday, reports The Tottenham Journal – apparently to be kept a secret, some Doctor Who fans were tipped-off:

Once the door opened, the two parents manning the official merchandise stall were besieged by a queue eager to buy autographed memorabilia being sold to raise cash for school funds.

Lisa Peck, who was running the stall, said: “The queue has been astronomical, we have been selling out of everything. An incredible £7,000 was raised on the day.

By 12.40pm, it was advised over the tannoy that people should not spend any more time queuing in the sunshine waiting for a piece of the Who. There was nothing left, and a few grumbles could be heard.

David Tennant looked slightly bewildered by the sheer scale of the fuss he had whipped up, said: “I hope you all have a great day. The school deserves all our support, so please buy lots of raffle tickets and let’s raise lots of money.”

And let’s spare a thought for young Joseph Betteridge, 13, who believes he is the “biggest ever” Doctor Who fan:

“I know everyone says that, but with me it is true.”

Have you got a website son?



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