It’s NOT a Dalek!

Oh no sirree… the eBay commentator blog BayRaider has reported on a strange sale…

Apparently on eBay there is a robot for sale that is’t a Dalek – although you might think it was should you meet it in the street…

Look, full-size dalek replicas are ten-a-penny on eBay, but this one is pretty special. Not that it’s a dalek, you understand – the seller makes that clear for copyright reasons. It’s actually called Steven.

“Steven” even comes on coasters, has a ring modulator so that the lucky buyer can speak in Dalek-like tones and the lights are linked in to flash in synchronisation! He’s currently for sale until September 3rd, with a £999 Buy It Now price.

And why is it called “Steven”? Well, as techdigest point out, if it was, the BBC would be after the seller for copyright infringement… Anyway you should visit the link on eBay if only “Steven”s introduction video…

Speaking of the BBC, well done to the team behind Doctor Who Adventures – the magazine has exceeded expectations and achieved sales in excess of 70,000 copies, reports the BBC Press Office. Peter Phippen, Managing Director of BBC Magazines said:

“I’m particularly proud of our two hugely successful launches in the pre-school and pre-teen markets this period, CBeebies Weekly and Doctor Who Adventures – both of which have well exceeded our sales targets, demonstrating that we are still the most successful publisher of children’s titles in the UK.”

Toni Round, joint Managing Director of BBC Childrens Magazines added:

“Doctor Who Adventures has also been one of our most successful launches, particularly as its target market includes 6-12 year-old boys – a challenging group to bring to the newsstand. The title has also benefited from some of the best quality and exclusive Doctor Who themed covermounted gifts”

Incidentally, if you’re out for a run or a long bike ride this weekend, why not stop off at your local Sainsbury’s, Waitrose or Tesco’s? Pick up a bottle of Taut – the first ‘clean’ sports drink which comes without artificial colours, preservatives, flavours, sweeteners or E-numbers. After all, Billie Piper drinks it!

Well, that’s what the Scotsman says.


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