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New from BBC Audiobooks in the Autumn is Doctor Who – Monsters on Earth, Limited. Edition Collectors Tin.

As you can see from the images, it includes the Third Doctor adventures featuring both the Silurians and the Sea Devils, Doctor Who and the Silurians and The Sea Devils as well as the Fifth Doctor tale Warriors of the Deep.

The image above is courtesy of, whilst the synopsis reads:

This tin contains a bumper number of three brand new (to audio) “Doctor Who” soundtracks, each hailing from the Jon Pertwee era. Two of the stories also feature UNIT, the military organisation led by the Brigadier, whilst the third sees the Doctor working alongside the Royal Navy in combatting the latest menace.

The Tin is available from October 2nd, and can be ordered from Amazon for £42.75

Meanwhile, Character Options continue to be optimistic with their Doctor Who merchandise range, according to two reports – one on icwales and the other in the Yorkshire Post which quotes chairman Richard King:

“We have a new range of Doctor Who products which are being trickled onto the market as we speak and we think sales will continue to be strong.

A new series is not due out until next year, but the second series is being repeated at the moment and there is a Christmas special planned, so we expect the momentum to continue.”

And interestingly:

Around 68 per cent of the company’s turnover is from licensed products and it has a deal with the BBC to make Doctor Who products until 2008. The toys are made by a separate company in Hong Kong, although Character has a quality control unit based in the Far East, and sold through key high street retailers including Argos and Woolworths.

A deal through to 2008 would suggest a fourth and even a fifth series…

SFX Magazine’s website meanwhile reviews the Doctor Who: Season Two, Volume Four vanilla DVD release, and despite the presence of The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit on the same release instead focusses on Love & Monsters. And I must take issue…

Misinterpreted by some as a satirical attack, it’s actually a love letter to fans: a quirky, cheeky, heart-warming tribute to fandom’s power to bring people together. Peter Kay is a hoot, and anyone who doesn’t grin at the Abzorbaloff thundering down the street in his pants must have had asense of humour bypass.

Misinterpreted by who, exactly? And who says its “a love letter”? It is definitely a satirical piece, perhaps not an attack but certainly a dig. I enjoyed Love & Monsters but I can certainly see it for what it is. I agree with the review which earlier states “Drama should take risks and provoke a reaction”; Love & Monsters does that, but I’m afraid SFX have once again revealed themselves to be squarely in bed with the BBC Production team and PR machine…

Doctor Who: Season Two, Volume Four is available from for a superb £8.99 delivered!

Finally, Noel Clarke is shortlisted for Best Actor for his self-penned movie “Kidulthood” at the Screen Nation awards reports BBC News; a Doctor Who villain is appearing at the Cardiff Gay Mardi Gras while news of the Torchwood Panasonic HD camera issue reported here site earlier this month continues to do the rounds.


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