Nothing Like 1976

Barmaid? I’ll have a scotch and water, thanks… Oh! Hello! News time, is it? Well you must forgive me for not being at my usual place but I’m trying out this rather fetching laptop and updating you al fresco on the latest happenings from the world of Doctor Who…

Right so let’s get cracking. Firstly it seems highly likely that Series 2 will air in the USA on Sci Fi before the end of 2006, reports Outpost Gallifrey, which basically means they get two series in one year AND get to watch Series 2 on dark, dusky evenings. It’s expected to debut on September 29th, however it is not yet clear how the already 60 minutes long The Christmas Invasion will fit into a 60 minute slot…

Remaining Stateside, Jeffrey Whitfield of Clayton News Daily recalls his discovery of Doctor Who and of course mentions the show’s return. There are a couple of factual errors (apparently BBC America are broadcasting it…?) but its a very affectionate piece. However, it seems that for all their hardwork, the Kaiser Chiefs haven’t had much effect in the USA:

The current Dr. Who, or number 10, is David Tennant, who bears an eccentric look, wearing a brown suit and an arching tuft of hair atop his head that resembles an English punk-rock star from the 1980s.

Oh and on the subject of lookalikes, there are a few calls here (scroll down to the comments) for Christopher Eccleston to be cast as the Joker in the next Batman movie. Unlikely…

The summer of 1976 was – I’m told – a very hot one in Britain. Almost as nice I suspect as this balmy evening on which I sit, whisky in hand, on the patio of “John Nathan-Turner’s Mill”, a lovely pub and eatery not far from Kasterborous Towers… oh one moment. Miss? Yeah, hi, could you get me another ice bucket…? Lovely, thank you very much… hmm, nice ar-hhh the news of course. Where was I? Oh the weather, yes. Well you see Duncan Higgitt in seems to think that this year, 2006, is exactly the same as 30 years ago, 1976. How so? Well aside from comments on politics, weather, tv and music, which sort of make the point, Dunc hits the mark with fashion and:

Doctor Who

Then: Eccentric, extremely popular incarnation forced to save the world from the likes of the dastardly Daleks and the calamitous Cybermen.

Tom Baker, above, as the fourth doctor, remains one of the most memorable, and remains closest in character to the current Doctor.

Now: Eccentric, extremely popular incarnation forced to save the world from the likes of the dastardly Daleks and the calamitous Cybermen.

David Tennant’s doctor, above, has all but eclipsed Chris Eccleston’s tortured soul, bringing a lot more fun to Russell T Davies’ top notch scripts.

Nice how Doctor Who isn’t counted with the TV shows, eh…?

Before you all go, Terra’s just called me. Apparently we have a reader actually called “Al Fresco”, who is more than happy to have been name-checked, although he is wondering why we’re using such blatant means to make the news more interesting. The cheeky devil suggests topless women… well, it’s definitely the weather for it. Oh, time for another scotch!


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