Return of…

THE RANI?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes. The Rani. To return. According to The Sun, in any case, who also claim that “Footballers’ Wives” “actress” Zoe (watch that rhyming slang missus) Lucker is to play the part of the renegade Time Lady in Series 3:

Show bosses are bringing back the terrible Time Lady, who was originally played by Kate O’Mara in the 1980s.

And sexy Zoe — superbitch Tanya Turner in racy ITV1 hit Footballers’ Wives — is a dead cert for the part.

An insider said: “The Rani was a classic character — pure evil. She’s ripe for a return and Zoe is perfect to play her. There are similarities between The Rani and bitchy Tanya.”

The Rani is a time traveller like the Doctor but channels her energy into evil — a scientific genius who creates monsters.

While you call for a forklift to assist in your collective jaws being removed from the floor, I would refer you to the last sentence in the preceding news item. incidentally Lucker is from the (ic)Huddersfield area and is attending a charity bash this evening. Who needs Billie Piper when you can get quality tabloid darlings like this one?

The RaniFor those of you who don’t know, the Rani was played by actress Kate O’Mara (of “Dynasty” and “Triangle” fame) and appeared in the classic series adventures The Mark of the Rani alongside Colin Baker as the Doctor, Nicola Bryant as Peri and Anthony Ainley as the Master, and again in Time and the Rani alongside Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor and Bonnie Langford as Mel.

The Rani traditionally hasn’t been considered to be any kind of serious villain when compared to other barking Time Lords the Master, Borusa at his most insane, the Meddling Monk or Omega.

We’ll be looking at the Rani soon enough however as part of out new “Time Lords of Gallifrey” series of articles coming soon.

In the meantime, look out for news of Ken Dodd, Lily Savage, Antony Cotton and the bird off of Carboot Challenge all appearing in the next series of Doctor Who…


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