Series 3 and Beyond…

While we continue to wait for news as to whether or not we’ll be getting a Series 4, we do know one or two things that suggest that Series 4 – and beyond – is very likely…

Most prominent of these is of course “Camelot”, the home of the Doctor Who studio near Pontypriddh, South Wales. According to ,a href= target=”_blank”>BBC News:

The new 86,000 square feet (7,400 sq m) site is more than 10 times larger that BBC Wales’ facilities in Cardiff, and includes workshops, video editing suites, six sound stages and a props store that is…out of this world.

It is big enough to allow Doctor Who sets, such as that for the Time Lord’s ageing and erratic spaceship, the Tardis, to go up and stay up between production runs.

Of course Camelot can be used for a multitude of purposes, but you don’t build a new studio on the back of a successful TV series and then drop the TV series. Hopefully the bew studio set means Doctor Who will go one beyond series 4 as well meaning we’ll see more of the TARDIS interior:

The Tardis famously looks like a 1950s police box from the outside, but is gigantic on the inside.

But apart from a corner of a wardrobe room, Doctor Who fans have seen little else recently of the Tardis interior, which is said to contain a gym, a library and bedrooms and an engine room.

Designer Ed Thomas suggested things might be different in upcoming episodes.

He said: “We have only called on them as we have used them. This is likely to change and we could see more of the ship.”

And of course the departure of Billie Piper does not mean the end of Doctor Who by any means. New companion Martha Jones, as played by Freema Agyeman, is a very good actress and a lovely personality. She also comes without the tabloid baggage of Billie Piper.

According to Russell T Davies in DWM 373, meanwhile, Doctor Who’s future is assured:

“Not that it would have been David’s fault, but what if the show had dwindled naturally, with his face on it? To see the climax get one-and-a-half-million more viewers than last year makes you think, yeah, we’ve done it. The fear and the wonder of it being a one-off hit has gone now. I think we’re guaranteed that Doctor Who will last, and last as a brand…”

And of course the near future is a certainty. Which points us to Christmas and The Runaway Bride, the genesis of which is discussed in the current Doctor Who Series Two Companion.


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