Tanks A Lot!

First off, apologies for some late news here. My wife has injured herself in a freak dancing accident and seeing as she’s pretty high maintenance as it is, the news reports have found themselves a bit behind. So you’ll all just have to accept the pun.

So anyway there were these tanks, soldiers and explosions, as well as lots of confused Welshmen. And it turned out that no, there wasn’t an immediate threat, and no, the Americans hadn’t finally formally annexed the UK, but in fact the Christmas Doctor Who was being filmed.

I’m told it is a common sight at this time of year to see various stars of Doctor Who around Cardiff, as well as Cybermen stomping and Daleks roaming. So why all the fuss? Contactmusic.com report:

The BBC has been fiercely criticised after shooting an explosive battle scene for DOCTOR WHO in the middle of the night, petrifying locals who were convinced they were under attack. The scene, which was being shot in Cardiff, Wales, for a Christmas special of the cult series, featured loud bangs, soldiers and tanks.

A female guest at a nearby hotel says, “There were these military vehicles and guys in uniforms. There were cameras too.

I figured they might be a news crew. Later, there was an explosion. Troops with guns started shouting for people to ‘get out of here!’

I ran from the window and ducked on to the bed. Explosions continued through the night and kept me up until 5am.”

I wonder if this hotel was “overlooked” for accomodation by the BBC…?

The Sun’s report of the incident made news in Australia, and to be fair, you can sort of understand why there was such panic… in the BBC’s defence:

A BBC spokeswoman said the hotel had been alerted before filming.

She said: “We have had no complaints about this.

“We have a really good relationship with Cardiff City Council. We film there for nine months of the year. The last thing we want to do is upset anyone in Cardiff. If somebody complains to us we will look into it.”

And in other The Runaway Bride news, it seems that Billie Piper isn’t the only ex-companion to be making an appearance, claims The Mirror – no there’s another return for Sarah Jane Smith…

Our on-set spy reveals the special episode will also see the return of classic companion Sarah Jane Smith and her robot dog K9. The theme of the show will be “past, present and future”.

“We’re aiming for the ultimate Christmas story,” says our snout. “A combination of A Christmas Carol and It’s A Wonderful Life, set in London’s West End – with scores of evil aliens.”

Is it me, or when you read the claims of their “snout”, the words read like Russell T Davies wrote it…?

OOPS! My wife just lost a crutch while attempting to pirouette… she just won’t listen… till next time!


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