Torchwood Broadcast Date

Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood will, it seems, have a Sunday night BBC Three broadcast, beginning on October 22nd…

Bus-mounted adverts in several cities have announced the date, although the time is yet to be confirmed. A simoultaneous BBC One Saturday night premier seems to have been idle speculation from your truly. But there’s nothing wrong with dreaming…

Promotion of Torchwood continues on BBC One and BBC Three, and at While it apepars generally innoccuous at the moment, type in “221006” when visiting that website to view some more footage of the show!

And the usual suspects are getting in on the act, with giving the show the once over and declaring “Doctor Who spin-off far steamier”.

Torchwood star John Barrowman told “Wales on Sunday”:

“It is much scarier than Doctor Who and also much racier. I guess it will be up to the parents as to whether their kids can tune in, but there will be intimacy between both male and female, male and male so it’ll be their choice. I’m sure it’s going to be a fantastic series and, like Doctor Who, it’s been fun to film.”

John also informs the magazine that once he finishes his run in panto he is joining up with the Doctor Who production team…

Although arguably of more interest is what John Barrowman and Eve Myles get up to on nights out! Apparently the two of them “can often be found staggering down a Cardiff high street after an over-indulgent night out.”

“We had an absolute ball. In fact, we’re still filming the series at the moment and we’re still having a ball. She’s a very funny lady. I’ve bought a flat here in Cardiff and she’s great company for a night out. She’s taken me out a few times and we’ve probably been spotted staggering around after an exuberant evening.”

Anyone got any snaps of a legless Eve Myles?


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