This is a possible spoiler reported in the National Press… read on at your own peril…

Fan talk aside, how many of us actually expect to see a reincarnation of the Master in 2st Century Doctor Who? Well, according to The Sun, it might be about to happen…

But who to choose from? Which actor is – according to The Sun – the Doctr Who production team’s choice to play Gallifrey’s most insane?

“…favourite to play the renegade Timelord is Life on Mars star John Simm.

The Master’s return will be the major twist of the third series, which starts in the spring. But he will not appear until the end.

Bosses have held talks with John, 36 — who plays cop Sam Tyler in Life on Mars — and hope he will sign up soon. An insider said: “He’s brilliant and we would love to get him on board.”

Ruling Simm out as a potential 11th Doctor aside, this would indeed prove to be a major development in the overall narrative of the modren series. The Doctor no longer the only Time Lord? Interesting, especially when we consider this additional fact…

TV Biz can also reveal that Shakespearean actor Sir Derek Jacobi, 68, will play another Who foe — The Professor. He poses as a good guy but the Doctor (David Tennant) discovers the truth when The Professor dies and regenerates

It isn’t clear whether “The Professor” regenerates into the Master, however.

(Incidentally, this news is repeated in SyFy Portal, along with a convenient list of previous actors to play the Master…

Other actors to portray The Master includes Robert Delgado, Peter Pratt, Geoffrey Beevers, Anthony Ainley, Gordon Tripple and Eric Roberts (in the “Doctor Who” telemovie).

…or rather it would be convenient if they had done their research. Gordon Tripple – fell over a lot did he? Robert Delgado?! Pish.

Meanwhile some interesting analysis of the “Britney Spears Rumour” (yeh, who’da thought I wold be writing that 2 years ago…?) from Film Fodder:

Now, without any knowledge of Russell T. Davies, I would suspect that he (A) Had a little too much ale and was joking with the reporter, or (B) Really wants to see Britney act ‘sex-mad’ (not a bad pick for the casting couch…). I think that this rumor has a bit more footing that the Jason Statham rumor for the simply fact that Britney needs to re-ignite her career. A sexy guest star role would be the exact type of move that I would expect, probably prior to the release of a new album. This one gets a 5 out of 10 probability rating.

Finally, Billie Piper has spoken of her stage fright. Treats is currently on tour and opens in the West End on February 28th. reports:

“I feel like the adrenalin and the nerves put you in this trance-like state where you find it hard to judge what you’ve just done. But at this point of the game, I just feel like throwing up. But I think that’s normal, right?”

She said she is nervous because this is the first play she has ever done. But she’s up for the challenge, and fear is a key part of that process. At just 24, she’s lived her life in the public spotlight for most of the last decade, but has constantly reinvented herself over that time.

“I am trying to have a go at a few different things and trying to stretch myself and give things a whirl – and I hope that I can pull them off. I think its important and I want do to do it now, while I’m a bit younger – I don’t want to get too scared of doing things. I’m at a position in my life where I want to keep scaring myself, before I become a bit stale and maybe complacent.”

Billie appears in treats alongside Kris Marshall (My Family) and new flame Laurence Fox.


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