Ratings Battle…?

The latest issue of listings magazine TV Times features an interview with Doctor Who star David Tennant – and raises the possibility of a March launch for Series 3…

If Tennant is right, then the news (via DWAS) suggests that the BBC are taking ITV’s current Saturday evening lineup of ice dancing and the upcoming Primeval seriously, and bringing Doctor Who into the schedules earlier than ITV might have planned for would likely scupper things – or at very least create a ratings battle to dwarf anything seen on British television outside of Christmas for years.

However, it remains to be seen if this is accurate or not. The BBC have not confirmed anything, and with a series of 6 episodes, Primeval would be over by Easter weekend, Doctor Who’s expected start date.

Still with the ITV serial, one of the stars is ex-pop princess Hannah Spearitt, formerly of S Club 7 (a manufactured pop and dance troupe from the turn of the century who starred on stage, television and the hit parade, for those of you with vinyl record sin their collection). Spearitt has credited Billie Piper with her own move into drama, reports Digital Spy.

Spearritt plays reptile expert Abby Maitland on the new ITV1 series and is seen fighting time-travelling dinosaurs.

“I really wanted to nail it but I was feeling very unlucky at the time and never once thought I’d get the part of Abby. I felt very privileged that I was asked. As a pop star-turned actress, Billie Piper really opened doors for things like this. I don’t think I would have even got an audition had she not come along. I would love to emulate her success. So if people compare me to her then it’s a compliment.”

But most psychedically absurd (and therefore more than likely true?) is the announcement this evening via two sources that singer and actress Jessica Simpson has been approached to appear in Doctor Who – from StarPulse.com:

Jessica Simpson is in talks to appear in cult British sci-fi show Doctor Who, it has been reported. Bosses at the BBC are approaching A-list stars to cameo in the upcoming series in an attempt to add a touch of Hollywood glamor to the show and have contacted Jessica.

A source said: “It’s a great idea. Having Jessica on the show will help sell it to the US.”

With Britney Spears mentioned a couple of weeks ago, and ex-companion Billie Piper a former pop star, here, then, is the Kasterborous list of pop and rock Doctor Who connections – in time-honoured countdown style:

5. The Beatles appeared in 1966’s First Doctor/Dalek adventure The Chase on the Time-Space Visualiser

4. Fleetwood Mac’s “Oh Well” was the incidental music for a plastics factory scene in Spearhead from Space

3. Eighth Doctor Paul McGann was once a recording artist along with his actor brothers, who continued their musical interests alongside the acting.

2. Revelation of the Daleks‘ Alexei Sayle (the DJ) was of course best known as a stand up comedian, but also had a hit in the early 1980s with his catchy number “Allo John Got a New Motor?”.

1. Doctor Who Number Three Jon Pertwee had an undeserved non-hit with his haunting tune “Am I the Doctor?”, yet years later stormed the charts with the theme tune to Worzel Gummidge – our final fact, and proof if it were needed that people will buy any old rubbish.


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