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Well, this is it. The build up to Doctor Who Series 3 ends with this final news bulletin prior to Smith and Jones. And while David Tennant/the Doctor might have been recently voted the coolest man in the universe (or something) it’s not exactly news to us, now is it…?

So we’ll start with mention of the BBC Breakfast News feature earlier today, which lasted more or less the entire show as viewers were asked to name monsters. This concluded with Paul Kasey and Times writer Caitlin Moran discussing monsters and a quite a good look at The Judoon.

There’s more Judoon-themed content on Digital Spy, meanwhile, which is running a feature on the Doctor’s escapades on the Moon, covering brief brushes such as in Frontier in Space and The Invasion as well as more concentrated visits, such as The Seeds of Death. meanwhile features an interview with the show’s new co-star Freema Agyeman, who has nice things to say about her travelling companion (doesn’t everybody!?):

“David’s a total joy, just as you might imagine him to be,” Freema gushes.

“I remember when I did my first day on Army Of Ghosts. He just bounded on set, walked up to every newcomer there that day and introduced himself. He’s full of energy and raring to go, and it’s infectious.

“He’s also a really good guy to go to when you need advice because he knows what it’s like coming into this show after it was established, and he’s been in the business a while, too.”

And Freema’s also flavour of the month in The Guardian in which she talks about “Billie Piper, race and kissing a Time Lord”. the actress can already hold her own in an interview too, it seems:

– Are you doing her as a stereotypically “feisty black woman”?

Stereotypically feisty how? It’s a coveted lead female role. There are no stipulations. The BBC has chosen to cast it black. I’m proud to be an actor, I’m proud to be black, but in this case the two are not synonymous

– So does it do your head in that you are always referred to as the first black companion?

No, not at this point, because it’s correct, we’ve got to acknowledge it. But if we’re still talking about it in 50 years’ time then there’s a problem; then we’re not advancing because soon it’s got to just be “actor”. Martha’s outspoken, she’s educated, she’s academic, she’s independent. She’s older than Rose, she’s more challenging of the Doctor as well, and family is very much more a factor.

Clues there, I think, about the actress and her character…

You would believe, wouldn’t you, that we couldn’t make it to Smith and Jones without mention of Billie Piper? Still the media darling, Piper is a main component of an article in the Telegraph about “national treasures”. Nominated alongside David Tennant in a list of potential newcomers to a list that includes Morecambe & Wise, they are listed as:

Billie Piper – a dodgy start, a rollicking first marriage but now great reviews for both TV and the theatre and everyone’s darling.

David Tennant – he brought a new edgy humour to the elderly Dr Who format. His native Scots distrust of ‘going over the top’ will keep him accessible and his smart sexiness makes him a long term treasure

Finally, and on a much more sedate matter, William and Valerie Low of South Shields recently lost their son to cancer, reports The Shields Gazette. Forty-five year old Christopher died in November, and his collection of memorabila, dating back to 1963, is for sale. Believed to be worth in the region of £4000, the collection with a gift from his grandmother. If you’re interested in the collection, contact by telephone 0191 236 7010.

William and Valerie Low will it seems be watching Smith and Jones in memory of their son this evening.


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