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With just 3 weeks to go, the BBC has begun cranking the Doctor Who publicity machine. With an expected trailer tonight after Comic Relief Fame Academy, we wonder whether it will be something new for television or…

… a version of this teaser trailer from the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site.

We will wait and see… however we will of course have to sit through Comic Relief Fame Academy, which finishes at 8.40pm.

Elsewhere – America to be precise – there is still no real mention yet of a Series 3 broadcast, but those of you who missed – or simply want to watch again – Series 1, and can tune into WSKG (New York State and Pennsylvania), might be interested to know that the station is running the Ninth Doctor’s adventures from March 24th. (via PressConnects.com

Some bird who used to be in Doctor Who is back on stage following an illness/stage fright, reports the BBC. Reviews for Treats have been mixed; the BBC have quoted audience members in lieu of a proper review:

Audience member Jane McKay, from London, said she enjoyed her performance on stage.

“I think she could have had a meatier role. She’s a very accomplished young actress and I think she’s got a lot more to do,” she said.

Jill Towner, from Cambridge, said: “It was a tough one for her first West End performance but I thought she was very good.”

Couple of briefs now – in Cumbria, Gareth Roberts’ I Am a Dalek is the seventh best-selling fiction book of the last 12 months, reports North West Evening Mail… at the other end of the country, Bournemouth school children have voted the TARDIS as the number one gadget… The Daily Record threw some words into a blender last week, meanwhile, admiring the photo of the Doctor and Martha.

Doctor Who star David Tennant meanwhile was shocked to find that he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, reports ContactMusic.com:

The DOCTOR WHO star, who recently denied reports he will quit the BBC sci-fi show, was approached on a recent night out and brought down to earth.

Tennant says, “The other night someone came up to me and said, ‘You’re chatting to my girlfriend and she’s got you on her voucher list’ – you know, the idea that there are five people you get a voucher for that you’re allowed to have a go on and not bring the relationship into jeopardy – ‘but luckily you’re a lot less good-looking in real life.’

“It’s a bit depressing. If I worked in (British supermarket) Asda, nobody would look twice.”

Aww, bless.

Finally, news of a review of Gary Russell’s in Australia’s Sunday Mail. In all honesty I could be tempted to use this review to save myself some work. The closing paragraph could have been written by me, in fact.

Unfortunately, while casual and hardcore Who fans will find plenty to enjoy here, the prose is often a little too safe and self-congratulatory. Show-runner Russell T. Davies is referred to as a genius, saint and/or messiah at least once every two pages. Still, given the commercial success and quality of Who circa 2005, it’s hard to begrudge the writer the odd bout of hero worship.


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