DWM Publication Date Change

Plenty of news to get through, so while the VIPs sit and watch Smith and Jones at the Doctor Who press launch this evening, pleasure yourselves with some random news items before the press onslaught begins…

First off, lets sort out Doctor Who Magazine. Due to the rescheduling of Doctor Who Series 3 from a March 25th launch to a March 31st launch, Doctor Who Magazine 381 will be released a week later on Thursday April 5th – just to keep all those Smith and Jones spoilers at bay.

Doctor Who Magazine 381 preview imageThis will result however in subsequent issues of DWM being one week later than originally scheduled, with DWM 382 now be on sale Thursday 3 May, and DWM 383 available on Thursday 31 May, etc. Also the Doctor Who Magazine Special ‘In Their Own Words Volume 3: 1977-1981’ is rescheduled for Thursday 19 April. (Thanks to DWM’s Tom Spilsbury for all of this, as well as the accompanying images!)

The BBC’s Official Doctor Who site has revealed that David Tennant, Camille Coduri, Noel Clarke, John Barrowman, Nicholas Briggs, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Claire Rushbrook, Andrew Hayden-Smith and K9 all took part in a Doctor Who special The Weakest Link – hosted of course by the Ann-Droid herself, Anne Robinson. This is scheduled for broadcast at 8.30pm on Friday March 30th, BBC One.

You know I really wish I had a handy portable – I don’t know, I suppose you could call it a “charm” – that would alert me whenever my mobile phone rang. You know those moile phone ring tones are just too unobtrusive, you really need a useful additional ringer. So thank goodness for Doctor Who Phone Charms!!!!!!! They’re available for under £10, and are really good for letting you know you have a phonecall…

Fans hoping that Doctor Who will at some point be available in High Definition – like Torchwood and of course stable-mate Robin Hood – are in for disappointment for the time being. The Stage report that it’s all down to the number of effects…

We do have conversations about it, but I don’t think we’re ready to be on HD. I think it would take more time for us to do our post-production, and I think it would be more costly.

And I genuinely love the look that we’ve managed to achieve with our DOPs [directors of photography], and our grade on Doctor Who. Also, we do so many effects on Doctor Who compared to Torchwood — I can’t think what the exact ratio is, but if we’re doing a hundred effects on an episode of Doctor Who we’re doing, I dunno, twenty, or ten, on Torchwood.

For the rendering time, the time it would take us for Doctor Who would really delay our schedule quite significantly at the moment. And so we’re happy with our digibeta look on Season 3

Finally, look out for the work of Millenium FX‘s Neill Gorton in the recently released Jane Austen biopic Becoming Jane, which stars Anne Hathaway, Dame Maggie Smith and Julie Walters.


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