Follow Freema!

…’Cause you cannot hide from her, so you might as well submit to the Doctor’s new companion Martha Jones – as we all know, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

Digital Spy has been doing just that, with part one of an interview with the half-Iranian, half-Ghanian actress… Of most interest are her comments about filming with the Daleks, both real and CGI…

“It was amazing. I’d never seen the Daleks for real, until we did the scenes. I remember one day I walked into the studio and there was half a Dalek in the corner, and I averted my eyes. I thought ‘I don’t want my first experience of a Dalek to not be in its entirety’, but I was so excited when I knew it was going to be a Dalek day. So of course they came rolling on, and it was incredible. You think ‘I’m actually part of this and I can’t believe it’.

…we had a really long stick with a little Dalek cut out on it! And then once, someone put a big stick in and, we didn’t realise, they drew a little face on it that was supposed to be like an angry face, but it actually looked really funny… But sometimes they use nothing, sometimes on the green screen you have crosses for where your eyes to follow for things growing and changing.

There’s more from this interview on Sunday, but fear not, Freema continues to follow us around media land! Who better then than the BBC itself to trumpet the Doctor’s new companion with this BBC news item? As they point out, Freema Agyeman is famous before anyone has really seen her in action – quite a bizarre place to be… It’s interesting to see a different type of questioning, too, with the revelation that Freema once dropped the Sonic Screwdriver – and broke it:

“We were rehearsing and David threw the sonic screwdriver to me and it landed on the floor,” she says.

“We were both looking at each other like, ‘You did it,’ but it turned out it was me.

“Luckily it was a rehearsal prop and not the real thing. The BBC would probably have charged me for a replacement!

“But David’s always breaking things off the Tardis by mistake,” she adds.

Meanwhile Freema’s beau seems to enjoy the attentio she’s getting…

“He’ll say to me: ‘Look, here’s a picture of you,’ and he’s holding up a copy of the Sun,” she says.

“It’s quite interesting for him to see this side of things, because he’s in property.

“I think he gets a lot of kudos from his colleagues.”

What better way of course to herald the christening of a new companion to republish some pictures of past ones? Noticeably the BBC hasn’t put any spin on this either, so you get a baanced mix of everyone from Mel Bush to Sarah Jane Smith.

Finally – and appropriately as I’m nipping out for a carvery – Blue Peter have run an item on maing a Dalek Cake! I found this via The Torchwood Institute, incidentally, who reveal the instructions are over 40 years old.

It’s genius too. Shame I can’t have one for dessert.


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