Judoon Sneak Peak

It seems that some fans just don’t have any patience, and have already seen Doctor Who Series 3’s premiere!

1200 tickets for screenings at locations across Wales were snapped up in minutes, reports BBC News at Odeon cinemas in Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham, as well as at Aberystwyth arts centre and Neuadd Dwyfor, Pwllheli. I’m sure we can wait until 7pm though, can’t we?

Mr Saxon actor John Simm has revealed his motivation in taking the role Doctor Who, reports Digital Spy.

…His five-year-old’s devotion to the show led to him becoming involved:

“He’s Doctor Who mad. He’s got the lunch-box, the dolls, the screwdriver. As the dad of a small boy, you kind of have a moral duty to be a baddie on Doctor Who if you can, don’t you?”

Paul Kasey, the man behind the mask so to speak of countless Doctor Who monsters, has featured in a special Sun interview. Titled “The one-man monster bunch”, the interview describes the the Doctor’s nemeisi as a “twinkle-toed dancer”. He’s also got his own thoughts about the new beasts of Doctor Who – the Judoon…

“The captain is a real brutish beast — a leather-clad space police officer with a massive rhino’s head. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of him.

“I think the Judoon troop will go down in history as classic Dr Who monsters.”

… as well as new companion Martha Jones:

“Freema is fantastic and the chemistry between her character and the Doctor is sizzling.

“She’s brought her own personality and style to the role, and I’m sure fans will love her just as much as Billie.”

Kasey seems as though he has a good sense of humour, and despite the difficulties inherent in such a career – developed through roles in Blade II and 28 Days Later – the actor seems to enjoy getting to grips with his parts, which have ranged from Cyberman to Slitheen to Ood:

“I do feel powerful and scary when I get the costumes on, and I thoroughly enjoy becoming the monsters and making them seem real. It’s also good fun being rough, brutish and throwing people around. But it can be comical as well.

“Once there’s a break in filming, you see all these different monsters milling about having fag breaks and drinking cups of tea!”

Sounds like my average day at work, to be honest…


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