New Martha Images!

The BBC’s Official Doctor Who site has released new images of the Doctor and Martha Jones in advance of next Saturday’s new series.

Accompanied by a new trailer, the pictures show Image of the Doctor and Marthathe Doctor and Martha in close up, outside the TARDIS and back-to-back. Our favourites are the close up image that accompanies this article, and this one here on the left…

The BBC’s Official site also has confirmation of the 7pm launch time on Saturday 31st March, alongside a review of “The Companion Chronicles”

An unusual concept, “The Companion Chronicles” is a collection of original Doctor Who stories read by actresses who previously played companions – Lalla Ward (Romana), Caroline John (Liz Shaw), Wendy Padbury (Zoe) and most astonishingly Maureen O’Brien (Vicky). Up until a year or so ago, Maureen O’Brien had no connection with Doctor Who fandom, concentrating on her successful career as a writer since all but giving up acting. However, her contribution here is considered by the reviewer to be the strongest entry:

Surprisingly, Vicki’s adventure is the most succesful. A rattling tale of cold phoenixes and Jane Austen, Frostfire is Marc Platt pulling off his usual magic, creating a First Doctor adventure every bit as exciting as our memories. Maureen O’Brien gives a lovely performance, and this could easily have been a longer story without being any less enjoyable.

I imagine that this collection of audio books will be the first of many…


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