Premiere Day Build Up

The pressure is on – get the news done on time or risk missing Doctor Who!

Playing catch up as we are, let’s start with news of the Radio One podcast which features David Tennant and Freema Agyeman, and includes the immortal statment from Tennant:

“I can do anything and get away with it. I can travel down the motorway at 300mph.

“Obviously that’s not true.”

Have you seen the trailer yet? Not the split screen freaky half-Doctor-half-Martha trailer. no I’m on about the red-button digital channels trailer, lasting for around a minute and featuring flying Daleks, scarecrows, Mr Saxon, and some freakish multi-legged beast. Unlike last year, the trailer is available only on Sky and Virgin as their are aparently scheduling issues for broadcast on Freeview, according to the Official site. Desperate to see the trailer but stuck on Freeview? Luckily the superb is here to save the day once more, with a streamed feed of the trailer; I don’t like the look of that “Mister Saxon”…

(Don’t forget you can see all trailers at the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site.)

Also from the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site, it seems that not only are Millenium FX nominated for a BAFTA for their work on The Catherine Tate Show, The Mill are nominated for their Series 2 work in the Visual Effects category, whilst Crispin Green is is under consideration in the Editing: Fiction/Entertainment category. Also for his work on Krakatoa, Minature Effects Supervisor Mike Tucker is nominated.

Just to prove what a darned useful source of information is, it seems that there is an official MySpace page for Martha Jones! As the fansite reports:

We have now confirmed with a representative for the BBC, that the rumour about Freema’s character “Martha Jones” having a blog on MySpace is indeed true (to our great surprise) even though it lacks an official BBC notice anywhere on the pages and adverts are shown to UK visitors

What Martha got up to on Thursday evening is interesting, incidentally…

I’ve got myself a glass of wine and I’m curled up on the sofa watching Saxon winding up Paxman on Newsnight. Then it’s off to get a good night’s sleep before it all kicks off again in the morning. The calm before the storm!

Finally from, a feed of the actress’ appearance on CBBC Newsround which features clips from Totally Doctor Who animated adventure The Infinite Quest, which features the voices of David Tennant, Freema Agyeman and Anthony Stewart Head.


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