Press Launch Wednesday 21st March

News from indicates that the Press Launch for Doctor Who Series 3 (ie the day after which it will be impossible to open a newspaper and not see the Time Lord) is Wednesday March 21st.

Next Wednesday – 21st March at 7:00pm, Freema Agyeman will be attending the eagerly awaited Doctor Who Series Three press launch at the Mayfair Hotel in London.

She will be present alongside David Tennant, Russell T Davies, other cast and celebrity guests.

This will be the premiere screening for the first episode and a debut for her character “Martha Jones”. Ten days later we all get to enjoy it!

I cannot wait. Let’s hope she’s in that red leather pretty often throughout Series 3…

I stumbled across this earlier on. It appears – and I’m an open-minded guy and even I recoled in disgust – to claim that Geordie actor Robson Green is in line to play the Doctor, and this is the reason why he turned down the role of the Master.

I’ll give you a few moments to pick yourselves up off the floor. Then you can read this:

The Geordie actor has turned down the chance to play The Master, the arch enemy of Dr Who, in the next series of the hit BBC show.

Robson, who has a six-year-old son Taylor with girlfriend Vanya Seager, hinted that he couldn’t accept the part because he is in the line up to possibly play the time lord himself, after current Dr Who David Tennant quits.

The TV star and grannies’ favourite was approached by ‘Dr Who’ writer Russel T. Davies to take on the sinister role, but the part has now gone to ‘Life On Mars’ actor John Simm, according to TV insiders.

I certainly don’t think it warrants any form of headlining article, so let’s all pretend that none of this happened, OK?

Finally, it’s quite a sad moment to formally report the death of actor Gareth Hunt at the age of 65. Hunt wasn’t a Doctor Who regular, and only appeared in the final adventure of the Jon Pertwee era, Planet of the Spiders, yet he was very well known on British television, having appeared as Mike Gambit in The New Avengers in the late 1970s alongside Joanna Lumley and Patrick Macnee. A versatile actor, he appeared as a hitman in the early part of the decade in the BBC soap EastEnders, but is probably best known for his Nescafe coffee ads in which he made coffee beans magically appear while making a rude gesture.

You can read more about Hunt’s career at BBC News, and view pictures of his career – including one of him alongside Jon Pertwee – here.


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