Publicity Tactics or BS?

Perhaps being chief writer/storyliner/Executive Producer of Doctor Who isn’t controversial enough for Russell T Davies, perhaps he’s missing challenging issues in interviews while he promotes Torchwood, or perhaps…

…Well, I’ll let you make up your own mind:

Doctor who writer Russell T Davies has hit out at ITV’s sci-fi show Primeval – ‘for being too white’. Mr Davies described the show’s ‘lack of ethnic casting’ as shameful.

He told TV trade magazine Broadcast, ‘Its (lack of) ethnic casting is shameful. I’ve never seen such a white show in all my born days.’

But he added, ‘Apart from that I think it’s excellent … I absolutely love it.’

Having only seen two episodes myself, I’m not in much of a position to comment on this, but luckily found an expert in Dr Mikel Koven, a lecturer in film and TV studies at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

‘It’s a very superficial argument and I think discredits the serious study of race and ethnicity within television. I think it’s more important that Primeval, from what I’ve read, isn’t very good.

‘I wouldn’t say ITV was racist or ethnocentric. They put on what will appeal to their audience and perhaps they have an ethnocentric audience.

‘But let’s back up here a minute – on the eve that the new series of Doctor Who is starting, Russell T Davies is suddenly deciding that Primeval is too white, just because he’s got a companion of colour?

It’s an interesting issue, and one which I think is well worth consideration by us all. After all, not everyone’s lives are multicultural. I wouldn’t dream of mixing this up with RTD’s earlier comments about focus groups versus representations of how things really are across the UK, of course…

…no instead I’ll move on to something far more innocent – Blackpool Lights! reports that Doctor Who star David Tennant is the man at the switch on August 31st as the town’s lights are switched on as part of a pop concert; worth noting as well that the lights include a Doctor Who-themed section…


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