Russell T in SFX

SFX Magazine’s issue 155 carries an exclusive interview with Russell T Davies, naturally covering the subjects of Torchwood and Doctor Who.

There isn’t enough space in the magazine for everything, however, so they’ve stuck whats left up on their illustrious website.

They’ve left quite a big chunk out of the magazine – for instance, on writing the scene in the first episode of the new series where Martha sees the TARDIS for the first time:

“With that.. you don’t relax, but it’s just lovely, and somewhere in that scene I think she says – and the Doctor says – things that have never quite been said before.

“With Catherine Tate she saw the inside first and then went to the outside, and I love that, because she did exactly the same reaction of walking around the outside saying, ‘It can’t be that small!’ Because you would do that. Yes, you’re gonna repeat that moment, but that’s lovely because that is what you would do. So you can’t just be different for different’s sake. You would walk round the outside of that box – although noone ever used to do that! So you just think about it for long enough and there’ll be something new in there.

…and on Martha’s relationship with the Doctor:

“There is a gradual, slow arc for her, that’s very diffferent to Rose’s. Rose was lucky: she had someone who reciprocrated, and they were like the golden couple together. How often do you get that? And it’s not huge, it’s all subtext.

“It makes me laugh when I get letters moaning about the romance of the two of them [the Doctor and Rose]. I think, ‘Where was that then?!’ If you distilled the romance it’s like two minutes of screen time over two years! It’s actually so subtly there. Yes, it’s talked about and it’s powerful, but did they stop ‘Tooth and Claw’ for a quick snog?”

Finally – Russell T Davies on whether Doctor Who will get darker in Series 3:

“I sort of lightened it slightly. It’s inevitable from series one to series one to series three, they’re darker. That’s what happens – it happens on any show. Things get more involved in the continuity, in any show, with its continuity – with its characters, with their relationships, they just darken. You’ve got to say: it’s like a new show, new series, new adventures. It’s different every week: that’s enough of a format to keep it going. It’s the really close fan scrutiny of the series that will pick up on a dark moment like the Doctor killing all the Racnoss [in “The Runaway Bride”] and stuff like that.

There’s such a lot to read and talk about, so take a quick hop over to SFX!


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