Series 4 is Go!

In a smashing interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Doctor Who Executive Producer Russell T Davies talks about Doctor Who, Dickens and the price of CGI, while the article itself reveals that Series 4 is commissioned and that RTD is putting the final touches to Christmas 2007’s adventure…

Of particular interest however is the statement “His work here is – almost – done.” Mention of Davies rewriting a key Charles Dickens work is of particular interest to any drama fan:

‘I’ve always wanted to adapt The Old Curiosity Shop. I love it. It’s about time someone had the nerve to rewrite Dickens. The whole plot is a mess. The first three chapters narrated by Edward somebody? Obviously Dickens worked out that he couldn’t be in every scene. So, at the end of chapter three, he goes: “That’s the end of my part of the story – goodbye.” And Quilp’s death? Is that it? Anyway, lo and behold, ITV are doing it. If you stay too long somewhere you start missing out on chances like that.’

Most significant about this is that the end of the Russell T Davies’ reign on Doctor Who is now we can mark on our calendars. We’ll not get out the tributes just yet, however – Davies’ contribution to Doctor Who has been arguably greater than any of his predecessors and as such that requires quite some planning by Terra and myself. Instead, let’s keep things together and continue to look forward to Series 3, which apparently includes an “evil Toclafan”…

Actually the interview covers far more ground than we can manage here – there’s a beautiful and I daresay universally accepted tip of the hat to the great man of Doctor Who scriptwriting Robert Holmes:

‘Take The Talons of Weng Chiang, for example. Watch episode one. It’s the best dialogue ever written. It’s up there with Dennis Potter. By a man called Robert Holmes. When the history of television drama comes to be written, Robert Holmes won’t be remembered at all because he only wrote genre stuff. And that, I reckon, is a real tragedy.’

Anyway you’ve heard enough from me on this matter – suffice to say that while RTD’s era, while important, interesting and relevant isn’t entirely to my taste as a Doctor Who fan, you would be missing out by not reading the interview.

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Red Nose Day is upon us soon, and with David Tennant and Catherine Tate appearing, you would be forgiven for imagining that as the limit of Doctor Who involvement with the telethon. However red noses themselves – finally made of sponge and comfortable to wear – are shipping with chocolates included, and in Sainsbury’s the chocolates are white – and Daleks, Cybermen and Wallace & Gromit aside, the Tenth Doctor’s face appears in hologram form, reports The Mirror, and he’s pretty rare…

DOCTOR Who fans are on a mission… to find the face of TV star David Tennant in a chocolate hologram.

They’re rifling through boxes of Comic Relief Red Noses in Sainsbury’s stores until they spot it. The white Chocpix squares also reveal a Dalek, a Cyberman plus Wallace and Gromit when held to the light.

But a spokesman said it was the David Tennant one everyone was after.

We close with an odd cry for help from The People. Self-styled “Wise man of TV” Jon Wise reckons the BBC have put all their eggs in one basket with Doctor Who, ignoring presumably Spooks, various political/conspiracy thrillers over the last 12 months, Dickens adaptations and the Philip Pullman stories starring Billie Piper. Or perhaps the “Wise man of TV” doesn’t get BBC One?


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