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Since 2005 we’ve followed press coverage of Doctor Who as the show returned to our screens with a bang. We’ve included at times in-depth analysis of articles from Doctor Who Magazine, as well as the usual subjects published daily such as The Guardian, The Sun and The Times.

Curvy Who fan Caitlin Moran has on many occasions supplied her readers with a superb selection of articles, but none come close to the recent “The Doctor will see you now” in The Times. Put simply, it is the most enjoyable article about New Who that I have ever read.

For instance, Ms Moran has a Cardiff-dwelling friend who says of the Cardiff-dwelling crew of Doctor Who:

“Some of them act a bit cliquey, like they’ve seen attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion, when in actual fact they’ve just spent all day waving a foam-rubber leg around.”

A great deal of attention is paid to the level of secrecy surrounding Doctor Who , with the show’s press officer stating:

“We can’t discuss the show on the train,” she says firmly, as soon as we sit down. “People have done it before and had passengers who have overheard ring the tabloids. Everyone knows what you’re talking about as soon as you say ‘the Doctor’, you see.”

Meanwhile Edward Russell, brand executive of Doctor Who reveals that no one, suprisingly, dares to take any odd momentos…

“It’s like a family. It wouldn’t be worth their while because if they were caught they’d never work again. Everyone on this show is very protective.”

While David Tennant again comes across as immensely likeable, denying his own sexiness in favour of Tom Baker and Peter Davison:

“Tom Baker!” he says, with a Bakerish roar. “Come on! He was a huge hit with the ladies.” He was more of a specialist taste, I offer, primly. Something that WHSmith would keep behind the counter and you’d have to ask for.

“I’m sure Peter Davidson was in polls at the time…”

…of particular interest is the fact that the Tenth Doctor’s outfit was inspired by chef Jamie Oliver; the Brit Awards turned down an appearance by Rose and the Doctor; RTD sticks things in the scripts to get the fans talking without admitting whether or not anything will ever come of it; and David Tennant and Freema Agyeman are very popular on set, and well treat. Of real interest to all of us hungry Doctor Who fans however is what is John Simm’s Mr Saxon like? Dare we wait?

Well we should, but luckily there are a few words from John Simm in this behind the scenes extravaganza…

“We were shooting one scene, just me and David, on top of this deserted mountain-top. We’re giving it our all when, from f**k knows where, you can hear the faint sound of an ice-cream van. David carried on so I thought, well, I’m not going to stop if you’re not going to stop. So we carried on right to the end, despite the fact that this must be the only ice-cream van in existence that does the theme tune to The Benny Hill Show — the least intergalactic sound imaginable!”

So a very big thank you, Caitlin Moran, from me Christian Cawley and all the Kasterborous (and Times!) readers for a uniquely superb – nay legendary – look at Doctor Who.


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