Boe Turns Bad?

Series 3 Episode 3 adventure Gridlock – hopefully set for broadcast this evening – is set to feature the fourth appearance of the Face of Boe, and according to The Sun he’s gone bad…

I’m well known for being a good judge of character, but I had no idea that Boe was some sort of super-villain! As far as I can recall, he was an innocent bystander in End of the World, in labour during The Long Game and in the Series 2 adventure in which he revealed to the Doctor that he had a message for him New Earth he showed no signs of evil, only of being ill.

DOCTOR Who and his arch-enemy the Face Of Boe are set for a final showdown tonight.

The Doctor (David Tennant) will discover whether the evil Boe will give up his legendary four-word secret before death.

The villain promised to divulge the mystery when the pair met for the third and final time.

Can’t help feel they got someone with little knowledge of Doctor Who to write that one. Hack Attack!!!

Meanwhile Ipswich plays host this weekend to Doctor Who Unleashed II at the Holiday Inn, reports the Evening Star. The two-day convention features Colin Baker, Nicholas Courtney and Angus Lennie as well as the chance – Man Utd vs Watford permitting – to watch Gridlock on the venue’s big screen. There is still time to attend, so visit for more.

Colin Baker meanwhile is on tour, reports Doctor Who Online, in Alan Ayckbourne’s play Fedroom Farce. I wouldn’t like to guess at what it’s about, but it begins on April 23rd in Bromley. Also a big thanks to the Doctor Who Online WHOCAST for mentioning the podKast, the second of which is now available!

The second Kasterborous podKast (with a “K”) features an exclusive interview with “Mr Norman”, some comment and opinion on Smith and Jones and The Shakespeare Code and is hosted by Christian Cawley and Brian Terranova, with occasional input from Anthony Dry. Oh and don’t forget Gerald, our Slitheen butler (you know, someone has to give those guys a job now).

Finally DigitalSpy has got in early with it’s article focussing on the running theme of Series 3. While other outlets will be running around panicking that they didnt pay enough attention early on, DS has put together a piece about “Mr Saxon”, and his relevance to Doctor Who this year. As they wonder:

Could he really be The Master in disguise? Or maybe The Doctor’s long lost brother? Perhaps Dalek creator Davros has transplanted his brain and unlimited rice pudding into the body of a young politician…? Who knows! It’ll certainly be a lot of fun finding out…

I for one can’t wait. Thank goodness they didn’t pick “Mr Norman”…


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