Daleks in Manhattan Reaction

Reaction to the dark, sewer-based, Great Depression-era Dalek adventure has been largely positive, with Doctor Who fans likening Daleks in Manhattan to 1976 classic The Talons of Weng Chiang.

The Stage for instance, loves the pacing, the atmosphere and the suspense…

Daleks in Manhattan pushed my fan-pleasing buttons in such a way that it felt like I was six years old again .. writer Helen Raynor and director James Strong layer the atmosphere and suspense with a restraint that doesn’t take anything away from the pace. As this is a two-parter, they can afford to take their time, and draws attention to how the plots of the single episode stories can often lose out on satisfying resolutions due to cramming too much in. Not so here…

It seems that we’re not the only ones to see the difference in Tennant’s Series 3 performance, and The Stage reckon they’ve put their finger on why…

David Tennant is marvellous here, his confidence in the part of the Doctor growing week to week. It might be sacrilege to say, but the departure of Billie Piper seems to have unchained him and his performance fills every available nook and cranny of the series to make the show his own. As a result, this year’s series seems to have an added zing in its step – Tennant is the Doctor.

Elsewhere, Digital Spy‘s Dek Hogan has concerns about Martha:

Here at Hogan Towers, we’d identified Tallulah as the most likely candidate for the Star Trek red jersey so we were actually disappointed that she made it to the end of the first part in one piece. Indeed none of us would have been that bothered if Martha had been egg whisked out of existence. I feel badly in need of a Marthacentric episode to make me give a damn about her.I think it was after Father’s Day that I was really bothered about Rose.

However it seems that some of us didn’t watch Daleks in Manhattan! Lovely weather and a silly title conspired to reduce Doctor Who viewing figures, and again the argument was raised to move the show to the Autumn. WhatsOnTv.co.uk report that the Dalek adventure saw 2 million fewer viewers tune in to the latest episode than tuned into Smith and Jones last month. however these figures are based on overnights and don’t cover repeat viewings.


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