Guardian Reports Tennant to Stay

A report in the Media Diary section of The Guardian claims that Doctor Who star David Tennant is set to carry on with the role into Series 4.

“Media Diary” is traditionally a reliable source of news, so there is no reason to suspect that this second source reporting on the Tenth Doctor’s survival into a third series is wrong on this occasion. As the source is accessible only by registration (free, mind) I’ve republished it below…

Tennant’s extra

Doctor Who is back on BBC1 this Saturday, as you cannot fail to have noticed. But has David Tennant signed up for another series? The question is put to him at every press conference, and every time he declines to answer. But Monkey can reveal that it’s not because he hasn’t made his mind up. He has. Fans will be pleased to learn that a third series with Tennant in the lead role is guaranteed.

The golden touch of Tennant continues meanwhile with news that the recent charity auction for the Accord Hospice in Paisley did very well, with a Doctor Who script signed by David and Billie Piper surpassing expectations, going for £5000

There was also a bit of help from the Doctor forCBBC Newsround’s April Fool’s Joke on Sunday (when the rest of us were relaxing). CBBC reporter Lizo was apparently setting his sites firmly on a part in the show…

Our story said Lizo had set his sights on being the Purpliser – a monster that carries an innocent-looking Christmas bauble which fires poisoned laser beams.

Lizo was waiting to hear from a casting agent called Avril Loof, the story said.

As Avril is the French word for April and Loof is “fool” backwards, there was a clue.

I wish we had thought of that… I suppose I could have done it from my mobile, a T-Mobile Vario. Handy thing it is, I can get emails and browse the web on it. If only I could get Doctor Who on it.

Orange, 3 and Vodafone users will shortly be able to however, reports :

The trial, which will last up to 12 months, will allow subscribers to Orange, Vodafone and 3’s TV packages to watch BBC One, BBC News 24 and BBC Three (with the exception of some sport and acquired programmes) streamed on their mobiles.

Maybe I’ll switch networks; maybe I’ll wait for an iPhone…

Elsewhere, (sounds dangerous – I hope there is no urge by the crows to bite through power cables) features a review of Nick Griffith’s book Dalek I Loved You, dismissed as:

Part ‘Adrian Mole’ and part ‘Dr Who’ encyclopaedia, blended together and served liberally with greyish dollops of perfectly ordinary British growing-up type anecdotes. Probably a fascinating read for die-hard Nick Griffiths fans, but not really recommended for anyone else.

Finally, Mr Saxon seems to be everywhere at the moment, doesn’t he, even sticking his oar in about Saturday’s mysterious mass hallucination:

Mr Saxon commented, “This is another clear example of the British Government attempting to ignore the clear alien threat to our nation and world. We need strong leadership now to defend our way of life from the threat out there.”

Furthermore, it also appears Saxon’s website has been a temporary victim of the (until now considered dormant) Bad Wolf Virus


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