K-9 Creator Dies

Co-creator of K-9 and writer of several memorable classic series episodes Dave Martin has died, reports the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site.

Martin was 72 when he died, and has several key Doctor Who credits to his name alongside co-writer Bob Baker: The Three Doctors, The Claws of Axos, The Invisible Enemy and The Hand of Fear are amongst the most notable credits. However as the Doctor Who homepage rightfully states:

Martin may, however, be best remembered as the co-creator of K9, the metal dog who proved such a hit last year when he returned in School Reunion. He’s also due to star in his own animated series soon.

Before Doctor Who, Baker and Martin had previously worked together on several stage plays, before breaking into television with scripts for police drama Z Cars in the early 1960s.

Dave Martin’s famiily are in the thoughts of all of us at Kasterborous.

There’s a report of Eastercon on the SFX blog (which also has a mention of actor George Sewell’s passing ), which took place last weekend, and includes mention of a conversation SFX’s Dave Bradley has with Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell.

Kings of the recycled tabloid rumours EntertainmentWise (you really ought to drop the “wise” part, guys”…) reckon that Billie Piper will be cast in a Doctor Who movie:

“There’s been so much interest in ‘Doctor Who’ since the show was sold to America that a film is the natural progression.

“Top of our list is to get Billie on board – not only was she amazingly popular, it would be really exciting to get her back with the Doc.”


Let’s find something interesting… Matthew Milam’s review of The Shakespeare Code vs that of the Woolstencroft family on Blogcritics.org!

I’ve never seen an approach like this before, and while Milam’s review is complimentary with opinions very similar to our own on Kasterborous (i.e. Series 3 is shaping up better that Series 2…) and he has this to say about the writers:

I’d like to declare at this point and time that we have found heroes in the writing team of Doctor Who. Paul Cornell, Steven Moffat and Gareth Roberts are The Official Bad Boys of The New Doctor Who. For this and other episodes, we salute you and the quality output you present.

…the Wolstencroft’s review is an interesting discussion of alternate viewpoints and desires from a group of fans who all seem to have very different ideas of how Doctor Who should be done. It’s like a very extreme version of Gareth Kavanagh and Steve Preston’s bar-side discussions in The Pulse…


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