Kylie in Doctor Who?

TYPE PHWOARTY! There’s fantasy Doctor Who casting if ever I saw it! Kylie Minogue has been reportedly offered a part in the 2007 Christmas Special, reports several souces, notably Britains biggest selling Sunday tabloid the News of the World.

Whats On Tv for instance have reported the news, cliaming that Kylie is set to play a sexy Cyberwoman:

The News of the World says that the pop princess was ‘flattered’ to be asked to appear in such a classic TV series, while Doctor Who re-creator Russell T Davies said he imagined that she’d be booked solid for the next two years.

Instead, Kylie could be filming her role as early as July when production on the Christmas special begins. Davies is apprently adding the finishing touches to the script now.

A Doctor Who insider said: “Kylie jumped at the chance to be in the show and is really looking forward to acting again. The Doctor Who team are delighted they’ve got someone as sexy and high profile as Kylie to ensure they win the annual [Christmas] ratings battle with ITV,”

Following rumours of Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson appearing in Series 3 (ultimately discredited by Russell T Davies, almost wistfully as he didn’t think of them in the first place), the Kylie news could be more of the same. However as she is such an iconic figure and virtually the entire planet seems to love her, there’s no reason as yet to discount this one just yet.

The news is also reported at, who are still trying to attain confirmation that Freema will be appearing in the episode (and even if they find such confirmation they might be limited with what they can do with it for a few weeks), while the Sydney Morning Herald (an Australian publication, I believe) notes that Kylie recently appeared in comedy series Kath and Kim so isn’t averse to these guest roles.

Elsewhere… hello to Lucas Ashton, a young Doctor Who fan from Brampton whose father Richard has built him a 6′ 5″ TARDIS! Accorsing to Chesterfield Today:

Lucas said: “It’s lots of fun. I can pretend I’m anywhere at any time!”

Richard set out to make the Tardis four months ago and accomplished the task with plenty of LCD lights and skilled carpentry.

Mother Angela thinks that it is a wonderful idea – despite being very hard to clean. “It’s like having an extra wardrobe in his room. When I go in to wake him up each morning, he’s already playing inside it.

Lucky kid – I once aske dmy parents for a Police Box playtent when I was 6; unfortunately the catelogue had run out, and sent me a silver inflatable space capsule.

Gutted, I was. Took me ages to get over, a time which included cutting up the inflatable and applying new uses for the interior button design. I suppose in hindsight a list of 101 things I didn’t know about Doctor Who would have been handy.

Still, 25 years later it’s here, at courtesy of Doctor Who brand manager Edward Russell.

Finally, excellent news for writers as the BBC Writers Room makes available Russell T Davies script for Smith and Jones (you’ll need Adobe Acrobat to view it).


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