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The MySpace page for Doctor Who character Martha Jones has been given some attention inthe national press – namely The Sun

Focusing on the companion’s blog, they note how she talks about her feelings for the Doctor after the adventures of Gridlock (there’s still no explanation however as to how she’s logging on from the future and past…) beginning with her description of what the Doctor told her about the Daleks and the Time War…

I maybe would have asked to go home but I can’t now. I mean, I’ve been seeing all this as just the biggest most exciting thing in my life but it isn’t just that… Yeah, he reckons he prefers to be alone but I know he needs me. Of course, he might be a Time Lord with two hearts but he’s still basically a bloke so he can’t say it. And he’d get all embarrassed if I said anything so I reckon what I’ve got to do is make it seem like it’s his idea. I’ve got to make him ask me to stay. Because I don’t think he’d cope on his own. And because behind all the madness, he’s basically a real decent bloke.

Some episodes of Doctor Who have received criticism for being too scary – cases in point include 2005’s The Empty Child – and while these criticisms receive a day or so of newspaper coverage, this is nothing to what Doctor Who production teams put up with in the 1970s and 1980s when faced with criticism from Mary Whitehouse and her pseudo-fascistic National Viewers and Listeners Association.

So its interesting to see that the BBC are producing a drama about Mrs Whitehouse concentrating on the period of Sir Hugh Greene’s stewardship of the BBC as Director General from 1960-1969, with acclaimed actress Julie Walters cast as Whitehouse. (Note to BBC Wales – can we have Julie Walters in Doctor Who please?)

Sixth Doctor Colin Baker spoke to recently about his role in Alan Ayckbourne’s Bedroom Farce, in which he appears alongside (Fourth Doctor companion) Leela actress Louise Jameson. But of most interest is what Colin gets up to when he’s not acting…

“I write a bit. I have a weekly column in my paper the Bucks Free Press a News Shopper relative in High Wycombe. I have been writing it for the past 12 years.

“I write what I like, whatever rings my chimes that week. I’m a grumpy old man you see.

“I also write children’s musicals. I wrote the best-selling musical for schools last year and I’ve another out this year called Daughter Christmas.”

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Colin submitted an entry for the Eurovision Song Contest last year.

He said: “I got down to the last 20. I entered via the Song Writers Union. My entry was unabashed pop. My daughter did the vocals on it.”

Hmm… Last year’s United Kingdom Eurovision entry – that was that awful rap effort by Daz Sampson I recall; whatever Colin wrote, it can’t have been that bad.


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