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Plenty to talk about as reviews keep coming following the Series 3 premiere of Doctor Who. Don’t forget to check out our Reviews section, incidentally, for reviews of every episode of Series 3…

We’ll start with a few words from The Guardian, whose reviewer Sam Wollaston seems naturally snog- and Martha-centric. Is this a good thing?

That’s it then, the chemistry in place, in episode one. It’s almost too quick. But Agyeman is great. If I do have one criticism, it’s that she’s too much like her predecessor – in the way she speaks, her mannerisms, the way she flirts with the Doctor. I hope as the series goes on, she’ll develop more of her own identity. But it’ll do for now. Bloody hell, I’m so over Rose too. Billie who, frankly.

Well, “Billie Who” is better than “Rose Who”…

The Herald were impressed with Martha, despite affording Smith and Jones 4 lines of copy…

Doctor Who’s new sidekick, Martha Jones, had one telling line when the Doc dared her to stroll beside him on the moon, warning her: “We might die.”

“We might not,” she spat. Freeman Agyeman’s no Billie Piper, but she might prove tolerably feisty.

Indeed she might. Or simply determined.

Dek Hogan’s Of a Thursday column on Digital Spy meanwhile reveals discomfort with the subject of Martha Jones. She seems to leave him a little cold:

I have to say that there was much shrugging of the shoulders here at Hogan Towers. None of us disliked the character but none of us took an instant shine to her the way we had with Rose. I was even almost missing Donna.

Wow, someone else with a castle. Anyway, Lord Hogan has a theory about the Mr Saxon mantra and the actor playing the part, John Simm:

With the final episode being entitled Last of the Time Lords and Mister Saxon being an anagram of Master No. Six, it’ll be interesting to see if this turns out to be a big red herring.

Interesting indeed. What I really want to know about Mr Hogan and his review is why he asks this question:

…Is a little old lady wondering around a hospital with a drinking straw really a terrifying enough monster for the first episode?

No, it’s not. But then it doesn’t need to be when you have the Judoon stomping around.

Perhaps Earl Hogan slept through that bit, or was flicking over to Harry Potter on ITV1?

Elsewhere, Lancashire Telegraph had a review that made Jon “THE WISE MAN OF TV” Wise’s look like a school essay by way of content – aha! That’s it – Jon Wise must still be at school! On a more serious note, however, Times Online’s Mick Hume decided to use Doctor Who as a lead in to a controversial piece about sovereignty, imperialism, women called Margaret and foreign policy.

Personally, I think it would be more constructive if everyone talked about Rosie O’Donnell.

(If The Times can do it, so can I…)


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