Smith and Jones Reaction

With an audience of 8.2 million viewers, it seems that Doctor Who Series 3 opener Smith and Jones can quite reasonably be described as a hit!

BBC News reports that the Time Lords first adventure of the seires trounced ITV’s screening of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which limped home with 4.7 million viewers. Doctor Who also contributed to a strong showing throughout Saturday night, with as many as 7.3 million viewers watching the audition show Any Dream Will Do in which Andrew Lloyd Webber searches for the next star of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

No word on when Colin Baker will be appearing.

Reviews for Smith and Jones meanwhile are mixed – that is not 100% in favour. let’s deal with our old friend Jon “THE WISE MAN OF TV” Wise. He’s not conceited, no, he knows about television… and begins by sticking the knife into newcomer Freema, and whether she can fill a Rose-shaped hole.:

…Is her replacement, Freema Agyeman, right, much cop? If wooden, bland, unoriginal is your thing, then she’s fantastic. Let’s hope she settles in as the series progresses.

But aswe embark on a third series, minus the brilliant Billie, that gloss has vanished.

What was once new and exciting is now boring and repetitive. While it was still easily watchable sci-fi fun, after two series this is starting to feel lazy and lame.

It feels a struggle to have to engage with a new sidekick for the Doctor.

Pretty scathing, but the Jon “THE WISE MAN OF TV” Wise isn’t to hot with the space-bar it seems. “Didn’t bother to watch the show, didn’t bother the write the review”, that’s Jon’s motto. Incidentally Jon’s not to hot at gambling. When he discovered what a burden being christened Jon “THE WISE MAN OF TV” Wise would be, he had a choice of writing TV reviews or changing his name by deed poll…

The Sunday Mirror meanwhile was all smiles:

…Flanked by his pretty new sidekick Martha Jones, the Time Lord didn’t let his huge army of fans down.

Playing chirpy Cockney trainee medic Martha, Freema Agyeman is set to be just as popular as her smash-hit predecessor Billie Piper.

Just as empty as Jon “THE WISE MAN OF TV” Wise’s opinions, perhaps, but positive, nontheless.

SFX meanwhile gave us an early review, waxing lyrical about a 5 star performance (I would have said 3 myself, but remember, that’s three more than New Earth, kids) with such well observed snippets as:

David Tennant is now so well established as the Doctor that when you see him running through hospital corridors it’s almost impossible to imagine anybody else playing the role.

…And the best line in the episode:

Martha (speaking about an alien in a black motorbike helmet): “What is that thing? And where’s it from – the planet Zovirax?”

However, it would be best to leave the observations about the events on Saturday evening to the lady herself – straight from Martha Jones’ MySpace Blog:

…One man saved us… He called himself the Doctor but he wasn’t a doctor, he was an alien. And he was brilliant. And, okay, I know this’ll sound crazy what with everything I’ve been through but I’m actually really annoyed with him right now because he left. He saved us all and then just left without even saying goodbye…

Evidently, the Doctor has a MySpace account.


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