Who’s Your Baddie?

Doctor Who star David Tennant has expressed a wish to play a Bond villain, reports several sources, all of them via The Mirror.

What’s On TV reveal however that Tennant’s own ideas for his Bond villain might not be totally in keeping with that particular franchise’s new image…

“They always have some disability, don’t they? I could have one leg and be stroking a chicken saying, ‘I’ve infected the world with bird flu’,” he said.

Tennant also revealed that he had no plans to be James Bond:

“I think that job’s taken for a while – mind you, I said that about Doctor Who,

David Tennant will be playing a driving instructor in the upcoming BBC film Learners, which begins filming this month.

We might also think that Mr Tennant is too busy to play James Bond – but here we ago again, with another claim that he is leaving Doctor Who. Thankfully, it’s only EntertainmentWise.com, to whom news is a dirty word, so I don’t think we have too much to worry about at the moment.

The Sun features an interview with Desperate Housewives actor Ryan Carnes, due to appear in Doctor Who soon in the upcoming Dalek two parter (Episodes 4 & 5)… Spoilish content ahead, so we’ll go for the left-click and drag:

“I play a young guy who’s met the love of his life.

“The couple are at that stage of the relationship where they can’t get enough of each other – but then suddenly something strange happens.”

He laughs: “I sort of become a pig. I get caught between the human realm and the swine realm.

Sound’s unfortunately grotesque…

According to The Independent, the scarecrow villains of the upcoming adventure Human Nature are named after the government minister Jack Straw (as opposed to just having the same name)…

A spokesman for Straw, who at the time of transmission will be masterminding Gordon Brown’s leadership takeover, grumpily refused to say if his boss would watch the episode. As for the plot, I am reliably informed that after a long battle, the Jack Straws are forced to beat a retreat. Whether they were then, in the aftermath of the invasion, willing to admit live on national television that “mistakes were made” is less clear.

And that ladies and gentlemen is why satire is dead – the politicians are too silly to be mocked…


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