Captain Jack Interviewed

Jack Harkness is back in Doctor Who in a few weeks, so it’s time to welcome John Barrowman back to the Doctor Who news section. He’s been speaking to the Daily Record, recently.

Thankfully – not that I dislike the chap – he provides an explanaion for his ubiquity:

“I have no free time at the moment,” he said. “I have no time to do anything, but that’s by choice because I love the work I do, and it’s actually fun and pleasurable.

“I’m not one of those actors who goes: ‘Oh my God, I can’t turn it off’. “I just like being on television. “There’s a lot of John in Captain Jack and there’s a lot of Captain Jack in John. He’s a great character.

“It’s brilliant writing by Russell and the other team of writers. I’ve been given a gift. I’ve been handed a part on a platter. It’s just great getting up in the morning and doing it every day.”

The actor also comments on the differences between the Ninth and Tenth Doctors…

“David is a bit more fun and he laughs a lot more, while Christopher was very serious,” said John. “And David and I have socialised prior to working together.

…before refusing to give anything away about the end of Series 3:

“I can’t tell you anything about the plot, but with Doctor Who coming up, Jack will return to Torchwood. A lot will be revealed about that, and the audience will love what they hear about Jack.

“And then when he comes back to Torchwood, the only thing I can tell you is that, without giving too much away, Jack will not be as angry or as dark this time.

“He’s a bit more fun than he was before.”

Interesting news for fans of both shows there. The interview ends with mention of John and David Tennant both being Scottish – which is certainy news to us… – as well as talk about John’s place as judge on Any Dream Will Do and his upcoming album release of showtunes.


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