How’s Yer Doctor?

The might of Doctor Who as a cultural icon has become apparent in the last few weeks as various publications have used our hero to comment on society.

The most obvious example would be Dave Hill’s comment, which addresses the issue of sex (not Sec) in Doctor Who. Using An Unearthly Child and the notion of Susan Foreman as the Doctor’s granddaughter (younger readers take note) meaning that at some point in his life the Doctor had engaged in sexual intercourse (or “got it on” in Dave Hill’s words).

Ending with a declaration that the Doctor should stop wanting Earth-girls, as well as covering the introcduction of obvius sexuality in the character with the Paul McGann-starring TV Movie in 1996, some interesting points are raised.

Matt Murrell tells me he finds that, in general, the “new high-emotional content works incredibly well, giving the SF concepts some grounding in everyday reality”. But he found Rose vaguely annoying and sometimes “weak” compared with predecessors such as Sarah-Jane or Ace.

As for Martha: “It’s all very well having someone who doesn’t scream at the slightest provocation, but this new independence seems wasted when the character spends most of the time moping about over a 900-year-old alien.”

GIve the article a read, however, it’s certainly worth your time.

You might have missed the fact that the Doctor Who Up-close exhibition is taking place at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, and The Bolton News reports that the Empress of Racnos herself is in attendance at the exhibition, which closes on November 5th.

Suzanne Spicer, learning manager at the museum said: “The exhibition is phenomenally popular with children and young people. It makes a fun end of term activity, and has a lot of educational value too.”

I’d like to close this news item with a mention of the Who at the Cavern event which I attended on Saturday. While there were several events – also of note was the Forbidden Planet signing attended by Justin Richards and Steve Cole – Who at the Cavern is an event that possesses a certain feeling of optimism.

After the pushme-pullyou of Dimensions (a wholesale event with huge swathes of consumers being pushed fom one room to another and then back into queues for autographs) Who at the Cavern was a total breath of fresh air. A lovely atmosphere, 20something totty, a bar and a sense of history made this an event not to forget. Add the fact that I spent an hour in the immediate presence of Anneke Wills then this is possibly the best few hours I’ve spent away from home, worth the 36 hours away from Ceri (she’s coming next time!) and the 9 hours on National Express (I’ll be driving next time!).

If they can get Daphne Ashbrook next time, it would be perfect


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