I Am The Gardener!

With the Chelsea Flower Show just around the corner, it was somehow inevitable that someone would have a Doctor Who-themed garden design.

icwales.co.uk have reported that the garden was created by a team lead by Cardiff council landscape officer Mo Dorken. Apparently:

The design, featuring a lifesize Tardis with lights and sound effects, also includes a 1960s Cardiff rugby shirt and a Doctor Who annual whose cover star is the original Doctor, William Hartnell.

And the famous police box, complete with flashing lights and sound effects, is the centrepiece of the display, which is named A Garden In Time and based around the birth of the series in 1963.

There’s lots of news meanwhile from the BBC’s official Doctor Who site, including an exclusive chat with The Shakespeare Code writer Gareth Roberts. It;s worth repeating some of the best bits, too. With Gareth offering some valuable advice to young writers, he also has a god answer to a more unusual question…

– We get loads of readers asking how they can one day write for the show. What advice would you give them?

Write! Not just Doctor Who – write stories or keep a diary, practice as much as you can at creating characters or situations of your own, and don’t be afraid to take advice. Unless you’re a genius, and like me you probably aren’t, get some books about writing out from the library. And live! Get out of the house a bit, experience new and different things. I should have done that when I was young.

– How do you think Shakespeare might fare if he was alive now and writing for Doctor Who?

I think Shakespeare would love Doctor Who – but I’m not sure how good he’d be at writing action scenes. In his day you just wrote alarums and excursions when there was action in the script. He’d have to be a bit more specific than that nowadays or Russell would sack him.

It seems that my trip to Liverpool two weeks ago lead me to miss David Tennant on Parkinson – and according to icwales.co.uk, the actor “fuelled rumours” that he would be leaving. Frankly, Parky wouldn’t have noticed if DT had confessed to leaving halfway through Series 2 as he had absolutely no idea about the current incarnation of Doctor Who, but hey, all Tennant said was along the same lines as everything else he’s said about the role.

Speaking of chaps leaving jobs, ex-DWM editor Richard Marson has left his role as Blue Peter editor just a couple of months after the show apologised for faking competitions, reports BBC News.

Finally, long-awaited, and frankly late on our part Canada news. Thanks to Broton in the Forum who pointed us in the direction of the announcement on DWIN:

DOCTOR WHO – new season begins Monday, June 18 at 8 p.m.

From the moment the Doctor (David Tennant) walks into the life of his new companion—medical student Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman)—he changes it forever. Together, they find themselves traveling through time and space encountering extraordinary events, amazing worlds and faces both old and new.

And finally, thanks to another forum member for his great handle which inspired me to name this news bulletin after him!


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