I’m Game if Who Are!

(Closes pun dictionary) It seems that Doctor Who games are becoming a major aspect of content delivery on the BBC’s Official Doctor Who website, prompting the organisation to announce a Game Competition.

They’ve teamed up with BBC Blast and…

…Launched a competition that will give the winner the chance to design and create a Doctor Who game that will take pride and place on the Doctor Who and Blast websites.

Using Doctor Who as an inspiration, your goal is to design the most exciting and addictive game possible.

The winner will have their Doctor Who game brought to life

A brilliant idea, and one which will hopefully bring many ideas to life. But they’re missing a trick, aren’t they?

WIth Series 3 delivering mentions of Gallifrey, the possibility of another Time Lord, and moving away from the Time War as a backstory this seems to me to be the perfect time to launch a Doctor Who-themed MMORPG. I have my own thoughts about how this would work – suffice to say it would be grand, intriguing and action-packed – all worked out and written down on the back of an envelope, which I must remember to keep safe. (Actually, its on a file on my PC, I was just saying envelope in order to segue into this next news item)

Speaking of writing things down on envelopes, yet more evidence (?) of a Kylie-involvment with Doctor Who, via the Moseley-supporting Daily Mail:

As the singer left her London home with her ever-present stylist William Baker, he held an envelope on which appeared to be scribbled evidence of her non-stop agenda.

…Then “Acting coach number” is followed by “When Dr Who script arriving?” and “Russell’s number” – which most likely refers to Miss Minogue’s wish to get the phone number of Russell T Davies, head writer of BBC’s most recent Doctor Who series.

She is soon to have a role in the sci-fi drama.

I should point out that it was rather a large envelope, and I feel duty bound to report that Kylie is looking wonderful these days, fit as a fiddle and hopefully beyond her cancer.

Toby Hadoke. I don’t know if you pronounce that as a rhyme (despite the fact that I have seen him), but he is featured in comedy website Chortle.co.uk‘s news section currently with news that his Edinburgh Fringe 2006 show Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf is set for broadcast on BBC7. The adaptation has already been recorded at BBC Manchester and will air across two episodes on July 20 and 27, and co-stars Leela actress Louise Jameson and Sixth Doctor Colin Baker in prominent roles.

Finally, not only do we have a Steven Moffat tale in Series 3, the writer has been busy developing his own series, Jekyll which starts on BBC One soon. The James Nesbitt-starring series is a comedy-drama based on the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde tale by Robert Louis Stephenson, and is described by Moffat as “Somewhere between a modern horror story and The Odd Couple.” Best of luck with that Steven.

NB: News updated to amend some factual errors


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