Kasterborous Artist in DWM!

Well, I think we kept the secret pretty well… Kasterborous artist and designer (and of course co-founder) Anthony Dry should be congratulated for his superb image which featured in Doctor Who Magazine 383’s The Lazarus Experiment feature.

So congratulations to Ant, who saw his name printed beside Russell T Davies’ underneath the editorial.

It’s great to see Ant’s work and career going from strength to strength, and I feel quite proud of him.

Anyway, we’d better tackle some real news rather than stand around backslapping each other, so lets have a look at SFX, who note that the recently advertised exhibition of Out of the Box and Beyond in Frome in the South West of England features some excellent artwork by British artist Graham Humphreys. SFX managed to upset a resident of Frome with some interbreeding jokes; I won’t make any of those, as I’ve been to Skinningrove…

The Stage have reported on the recent commissioning of a new BBC sci-fi series.

Outcasts…according to the BBC Press Office is about:

"a group of social misfits and criminals… sent to be the pioneers of a large new settlement on a near planet. They contain a variety of different types – from the brilliant deviant to the petty thief. They are the "outcasts", fascinating but ultimately dispensable who must build the conditions for a new life."

Sounds pretty promising – but would it take hold as a series in the way that Doctor Who and even Life on Mars have?

It’s a bold move. Doctor Who has, for the most part, cleverly anchored itself to an effective domestic backdrop. It’s one thing to accept Cybermen invading Canary Wharf, or Sam Tyler being zapped to 1972, quite another to get behind a group of people living on a totally alien planet.

A personal wish would be to see Outcasts occupying a recognisably but not explicitly stated Doctor Who universe, in much the same way as the excellent Blake’s 7 once did…

Finally, Peterborough Today report that the Doctor Who exhibition at Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery has taken the town by storm. Running until June 17th, the event had 600 visitors on the first day.

Museum visitor services and marketing manager Stuart Orme said: "It has been incredibly popular.

"We anticipated it would be busy, but not quite this busy."

It seems that Doctor Who is as popular as ever…


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