Wanna sell a newspaper? Then make up some s***e. Doesn’t matter whether it’s about a famous person, or television programme like Doctor Who – you’re in the money-making biz, not the being nice biz.

That, and our editorial, is all we’re going to say on the matter of the depths The Sun has sunk to in its quest for Doctor Who stories to sell its papers. According to them, Doctor Who will be axed after Series 4 as Russell T Davies and Co. move on. True or not, its a cynical ploy to get fans riled and buy the newspaper, one with an very chequered history on accurate reporting, as any Liverpudlian would testify.

Following last Saturday’s “story” about Freema Agyeman being axed, her excellent unofficial fansite suggested fans boycott The Sun. We now follow suit, urging all of our readers to avoid the haven for hacks that is The Sun, and we’re also demanding that the ridiculous newspaper issues an apology to Doctor Who fans.

Now for some real news – SFX read Doctor Who Magazine 383 first, and are therefore able to list the writers for Doctor Who Series 4! In no particular order…

Russell T Davies: four episodes (and the 2007 Christmas special).

Steven Moffat (writer of “The Girl in the Fireplace”, etc): a two-parter.

Helen Raynor (writer of “Daleks in Manhattan”/”Evolution of the Daleks”): a two-parter.

Gareth Roberts (writer of “The Shakespeare Code”): one episode.

Tom MacRae (writer of “Rise of the Cybermen”/”The Age of Steel”): one episode.

Stephen Greenhorn (writer of “The Lazarus Experiment”): one episode.

James Moran (no previous Who credits): one episode.

Keith Temple (no previous Who credits): one episode.

Sadly no Paul Cornell… James Moran, meanwhile, is the writer of 2006 British horror-comedy Severance and has contributed to Torchwood S2; Keith Temple meanwhile has written all over the shop, including Casualty and Dangerfield.

Hey – BILLIE PIPER NEWS! She’s getting a divorce.

Finally, we mentioned in an earlier report that there is a Doctor Who exhibition at Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery until June 17th. Well, it seems that Millenium FX will be there, for one day only, this Saturday, June 2nd.

FOR ONE DAY ONLY!! See a Sycorax, be confronted by a Clockwork Droid, or run away from an Ood… you never know what might happen!

K9 will be present to welcome visitors, and the Black Dalek Sec will also be on hand to exterminate all those who aren’t enjoying themselves… You have been warned!

Admission is £2 for adults, £1 for children, with under 5s free getting in free, to pack those midget outfits. All proceeds will go to BBC Children in Need and Help the Aged.


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