Kylie Throws Her Hat In?

To recap… Charlene and Scott got married, then left Erinsborough. Charlene changed her name to Kylie, became a pop diva and then was claimed to be appearing in Doctor Who. Producer Russell T Davies said “No! Don’t be ridiculous!” where as Kylie said…

…well let;s see what The Mirror reckons:

KYLIE Minogue has confirmed she will be starring in Doctor Who – but won’t play a baddie.

She was rumoured to be taking the role of a sexy Cyberwoman who would target the Time Lord, played by David Tennant in the hit BBC TV show.

But asked by InStyle magazine whether the gossip was true, Kylie, 39, said: “Yes … my gay husband (her stylist, William Baker) is so excited about it! But I’m not going to play a villain.”

OK – so what’s going on, exactly? And why do we feel the need to justify printing gratuitous Kylie pics? We’ll just print them anyway!

Speaking of post-Series 3 casting, incidentally, the superb has managed to uncover some evidence as to whether Martha is returning in series 4…

It seems Reggie Yates, who plays Martha’s brother Leo, has expressed a couple times that he wishes he had more screentime in series three but is hopeful to play a bigger role next year. Now since he would be one of the few privy to how series three turns out, it would be rather strange for him to be hoping for a continued, larger role as Martha’s brother if he knew Martha would not be back!

Makes sense to me!

Elsewhere newspaper the Daily Express has reported on the Radio Times pollabout British viewing habits, which leaves Life on Mars and Doctor Who atthe top of the favourites pile, leading to claims of a country obsessed with time travel. Of course, this is nothing new. Since HG Wells wrote The Time Machine, British science fiction has danced merrily between tales of alien invasion and visits to the future, and it is these topics that allowed Doctor Who to become uch a success first time around; they even stood aside to allow our favourite show to represent them in our national culture.

We’ll finish however with news from Millenium FX. Their June 2007 release list consists of:

  • Sycorax Helmet
  • Auton
  • Gold Droid (from Christmas special)
  • Santa Droid
  • Dalek Creature (not the Dalek / Human Hybrid – the one inside the Dalek!)

Images wil be available on the MFX site in due course.


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